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Waste No Potential.

The dream in the unseen. A podcast about the not-so-secret stories behind success.

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Opportunity knocks. Who answers?

Potential. It’s around us all the time, but its power is often left untapped. Waste No Potential is a podcast dedicated to revealing the secrets behind success stories. Just like people, success comes in all shapes and sizes — it doesn’t have to be monetary or a gold medal victory to be important or influential. Success can simply come from seeing potential in one’s self, others, or an opportunity and making the most of it.

Waste No Potential is about people, no matter their background, and the stories of how they recognized potential and maximized it to make the world a little (or a lot) better. Now isn’t that what success is all about?


Episode 10: Cultivate the Habit of Good

It has been said that the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away. No one is more fitting for this statement than Mark Brand.

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Episode 9: Learn the Way of the Ladybug

We live in a world where ‘hustle’ is considered a badge of honour. But an experience with burnout after years of grinding at work taught Rahaf Harfoush that one of the most effective ways to get ahead is to slow down.

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Episode 8: Speak Up

Nakuset knows all too well that trauma hushes spirits. She has dedicated her life to giving a voice to those who have lost theirs — shining a light where the dark silence of history reigns.

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Episode 7: Lead From Behind

James Bond has nothing on Sabino Marquez, who used insider intelligence to become a leader no one expected.

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Episode 6: Two Ways Forward

Not even a life sentence in prison could stop Chris Wilson from manifesting his own destiny. Proving the power of resilience, his journey through unthinkable tragedies to authoring his own redemption with “The Master Plan” is the definition of inspiring.

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Episode 5: Collect Scars

Everything was going great for Lilian Umurungi-Jung until it wasn’t. Find out how she turned a series of emotional scars into an A-HA! moment that lead her down a most unexpected — and successful — path.

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Episode 4: Don't Fit In

In order to change the world you don’t do what’s already been done — you create change. Don’t Fit In explores how unfamiliar surroundings made Gavin Armstrong realize massive change could come from one little thing: a fish.

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Waste No Potential Podcast speaker, Nir Eyal

Episode 3: A. B. O. (Always Be Optimizing)

How a soul-crushing visit to so-called "Fat Camp" became an enlightening lesson in the value of self-improvement; and how obstacles in our path build the strength and resilience required to succeed.

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Waste No Potential Podcast speaker, Kristina Libby

Episode 2: Be Four Forever

At a new job, Kristina Libby felt she was living in her favourite sci-fi novel when she uncovered an influential sector of Big Tech operating under the radar of the public eye. So she did what a 4-year old would: she asked “Why?”

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Waste No Potential Podcast speaker, Derrick Emsley

Episode 1: Save Screws

Instead of giving up on a failed business venture, entrepreneur Derrick Emsley did a 180º only to discover his original product was a marketing boon – and a way to help save the planet.

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Headshot image of Alex Samuel, host of Waste no Potential Podcast

About the host.

Alexandra Samuel is a speaker and data journalist whose expertise in remote work and the digital workplace finds her regularly contributing to the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review, and she is the co-author of Remote, Inc: How to Thrive at Work...Wherever You Are. Oh, she has a Ph.D. from Harvard too. No biggie. As a researcher, she is fascinated in understanding the hidden value in things that might otherwise be dismissed — and, in turn, working smarter and more sustainably — which is what Waste No Potential is all about. Samuel lives in Vancouver with her husband, two kids, and their pandemic-inspired dog.