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Best Workplaces in Canada Announced

April 16, 2020

We’re humbled and excited to share that Traction on Demand has been named the fourth Best Workplace in Canada, alongside many amazing organizations.

We’d like to start by congratulating each of the 149 recipients, including Kira Systems, Explorance and 7shifts who took home the top three spots in the 100-999 employee category. A special shoutout to fellow B.C.-based Habenero Consulting Group, who was named Best Workplace in Canada in the less than 100 employee category.

We're also thrilled to see our closest partner, Salesforce Canada, sit right alongside us at fourth Best Workplace in Canada in their category. Their leadership and company culture, made even more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis, is a testament to an organization that’s truly leading through change.

This is the seventh year in a row we’ve been listed in Great Places to Work Canada’s top ten Best Workplaces in the 100-999 employee category, and every year it helps us strive to become an even better workplace.

“We’re honoured to be considered alongside 149 incredible organizations, each one doing their part to raise the bar for Canadian workplaces year after year,” said Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction on Demand.

“The month of March has cast a new light on our role as leaders within the companies we operate. At Traction on Demand, we've long touted the phrase: community, not a company. This phrase has taken a new meaning for me. It bears a much greater responsibility. Being among the Best Workplaces is a product of the culture we foster, and the culture we foster is a direct result of how we care for each other.”

With this award top of mind, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our top moments from 2019/20 that we believe make us one of Canada’s best workplaces.

1. Respond Together

No one could have ever predicted that 2020 would have started the way it did. It certainly has been unprecedented, in every sense of the word. Since March, our team of almost 1000 strong has banded together to help our customers, partners and communities tackle the effects of COVID-19.

Have we been busy? Yes. Has it been stressful? Yes. Has it all been worth it? 100% yes! It’s been truly inspiring to experience the collective might of the organization as we all work as one.

There are too many incredible Respond Together initiatives to list here, but a few highlights include the Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application, a free, open-sourced tool that enables hospitals and healthcare practitioners across the world to track and distribute critical medical staff and resources, and the COVID-19 Supply Hub, an application that provides a single point of entry to triage and prioritize offers and donations for essential supplies from businesses.

Check out our Respond Together hub for a full rundown of our COVID-19 related initiatives.

2. First External Investors

There were a lot of firsts this year at Traction on Demand. One being our first ever external investors, Guidepost Growth Equity and Salesforce Ventures that helped fuel our rapid expansion and SaaS product development program.

“We’re so excited to have found two incredible investors that understand and share our passion for making Traction on Demand a true software incubator as we look to accelerate our impact in the market,” said Greg. “We’re looking forward to the growth this investment will bring, not only to our organization, but the North American Salesforce landscape as a whole.”

Watch Greg’s video about the announcement here.

3. Traction Access

This year, Traction for Good, our community engagement and philanthropy arm, rolled out Traction Access; a two-week Salesforce training bootcamp that provided underrepresented groups with the hard and soft skills needed to enter Vancouver’s tech workforce. The response to the program launch was overwhelming with an incredible 120 applicants for only 20 positions.

Learn more in our Traction Access blog, or by watching the recap video below.

4. Traction Baby Benefit

This year we were thrilled to announce our latest family-friendly initiative, the Traction Baby Benefit. Under the new program, Tractionites who are expecting a baby will be eligible for a 12-week parental top-up. Aligning us with some of North America’s best parental leave practices, the benefit is available for both caretakers of a new child, as well as to adoptive and non-gestational parents.

“This is a huge step forward for us in aligning our values to our practices,” said Tanya Jarrett, Chief People Officer at Traction on Demand. “We hope actions like this will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Tractionites and move us closer to a more equitable and inclusive society that we’re striving toward.”

What else makes Traction on Demand a family-friendly workplace? Check out our blog for more information.

5. Traction Pulse Becomes

And just like that, another Traction on Demand product company has left the nest. Last month, Traction Pulse–now lovingly known as–our employee sentiment platform, was distributed externally for the first time to four companies. A huge step for the team and a giant leap for employee wellbeing.

Stay tuned for details about our reveal. In the meantime, learn more about our employee sentiment platform here.

6. Jaipur School

This year, we kicked off Traction on Demand’s adoption of a local primary school, Govt. School, Jaisinghpura. Based 5km away from our Jaipur office, we’re supporting the school in all areas including infrastructure, teaching materials, and basic student necessities.

Check out the video below about how our Jaipur-based Tractionites are improving computer literacy in their new Computer Enablement Program.

7. Do more good

It’s been a busy year for Traction for Good, our community engagement program. This year alone, they gave out almost two million dollars worth of service grants to deserving nonprofit organizations and their Holiday Campaign raised over $47,000 for 110 different organizations.

They also launched Time For Good, a program that provides Tractionites with two days a year to dedicate towards doing good. Over the past 12 months, more than 60 per cent of Tractionites have utilized their Time for Good hours.

Learn more about Traction for Good and their incredible initiatives here.

8. Bandit Tour

For the seventh year in a row, Traction on Demand’s Bandit Tour for Good made its way from Vancouver to San Francisco en route to Dreamforce. Over six days, ToD Bandits provided pro-bono Salesforce services and Bandit Acts of Kindness–from cooking and serving to teaching and cleaning–to 18 inspiring nonprofits.

Watch Good Mileage, a mini-documentary by Vidyard from this year’s Bandit Tour for Good here.

9. Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce 2019 was one for the history books! From Barack and Benioff to Beck and Fleetwood Mac to one of our proudest moment of all, when Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, during the Nonprofit Keynote said, “People told us we would hate our contractor at the end of our project but that’s not the case. We loved Traction on Demand and still do”

Check out our Dreamforce 2019 Highlights blog or watch our video recap below.

About Great Place to Work Awards

The Best Workplaces in Canada rankings are developed using The Great Place to Work® Trust Model© and are largely dependent on results from the Trust Index© Employee Survey. This is a major reason we’ve continued to invest in this program over the last six years. This feedback and recognition comes directly from Tractionites and the data provides our organization with the insight needed to evolve and develop greater levels of trust across our community.

Congratulations again to all the Best Workplaces in Canada recipients!

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