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Dreamforce 2021: Your inside guide is here - VIEW ON-DEMAND CONTENT

Dreamforce Distilled:

Salesforce Industries digest: the fastest path to insurance innovation.

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Drive a better customer experience from quote to claim

There were some pretty big announcements at Dreamforce ‘21 for Salesforce Industries, OmniStudio, and digital process automation. Our Salesforce Industries experts will break down these announcements to help you drive a better, more innovative customer experience from quote to claim.

You’ll learn:

  • What the latest announcements mean to you
  • Strategies for capitalizing on Salesforce Industries' new capabilities
  • Top tips for innovating from quote to claim through digital process automation
  • Key learnings from key industry use cases

Meet the speakers.

Daniel Keith

Vice President, Salesforce Industry Technologies

Traction on Demand

Aaron Zuccolin

Vice President, Industry Solutions

Traction on Demand

Mathew Silverman

Salesforce Industries Architect

Traction on Demand