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Episode Five of Waste No Potential Podcast Released - LISTEN NOW

Dreamforce Distilled:

Anchoring your business in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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How to be an agent of change in your organization.

Doing good is good for business, but how can we measure good? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a central part of Dreamforce ‘21, with Salesforce continuing to make sizable investments in products and processes to support the SDGs.

Join Michelle Malpass, VP of Community, and Greg Malpass, Founder & CEO, as they distill all the learnings—both from a leadership and technology perspective—to help you build a roadmap that drives scale with technology, but also with purpose.

Meet the speakers.

Greg Malpass

Founder and CEO

Traction on Demand

Michelle Malpass

VP of Community

Traction on Demand