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Episode Three of Waste No Potential Podcast Released - LISTEN NOW

Dreamforce Distilled:

Becoming a ‘future-fit’ leader.

hand pouring out salt and pepper shaker

How to build a future fit strategy for your organization

Drawing from Dreamforce’s jam-packed speaker lineup—featuring some of the world’s best leaders—we’re distilling down their secret sauce to share the how, what, and why of their leadership success. Their seven herbs and spices? Building a “future fit” strategy that enables their organizations to focus on innovation over implementation.

You’ll learn:

  • Why some of North America’s top leaders are adopting a future fit strategy
  • How to lead a digital transformation that drives user adoption, increases technology ROI, and promotes internal innovation
  • Steps to building your own future fit digital transformation roadmap

Meet the speakers.

Aaren Terrett

VP, Strategy and Success

Traction on Demand

Thomas Gordon

Senior Director, Enablement Services

Traction on Demand

Chris Bruzzi

EVP, Product Development

Traction on Demand