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What you need to know from Dreamforce day three

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Building connected experiences through seamless integrations

The key to connected customer experiences starts with connected platforms. Dreamforce was jam-packed with integration announcements to help you “integrate everything, and automate everything”. So what’s new with MuleSoft? 

The newly released MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is set to be a game-changer—empowering teams to connect apps and data to Salesforce with clicks, not code. With MuleSoft Composer, you’ll be able to build that customer-360 faster and introduce automations that increase productivity across your organization. 

Next up was the announcement of Mulesoft’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The new tool, which will be generally available early next year, promises to remove manual and repetitive tasks through the power of bots that intelligently take action on your behalf—all without code. What’s exciting here is that Mulesoft RPA will enable you to integrate with any system, even legacy systems that are only accessible via user interface. Finally, no recap would be complete without a Slack announcement!

Mulesoft’s Slack Connector lets teams take action in any business application, right from within Slack by triggering and orchestrating work across all the relevant systems in a workflow. To learn more about how Slack integrations can transform your operations, check out our upcoming Dreamforce Distilled session, How to launch your digital HQ with Salesforce and Slack.


Exceeding customer expectations with an agile approach

The fusion of the physical and digital shopping world has re-validated one simple truth: retailers' ability to keep pace and succeed in this new age of retail will be dictated by the agility of your business to adapt to the ever-changing customer. The customer being at the center of everything hasn’t changed, but how Salesforce is helping retailers drive loyalty at scale by creating a unified view of their customers, is only getting better.

In comes Slack-first Customer-360 for Retail. Now, retailers can unlock productivity and increase customer satisfaction. With the ability to launch new products faster because of increased collaboration and visibility across the organization—23% faster time to market to be exact—retailers will be able to better serve their customers. The demo showcasing the single interface of how to manage store operations in Slack was quite impressive, as were the innovations around omni-channel inventory service and distributed order management.

Other areas that got us excited were the Mulesoft Accelerator for Retail to simplify connectivity between the front and back-office systems, updates to Commerce Cloud like Loyalty Management integrations that enables retailers to deliver loyalty programs that are more dynamic and more personal, and a new partnership with FedEx to better manage orders and fulfillments means a better customer experience. The new features within Salesforce CDP, Interaction Studio, and Loyalty Management are sure to improve your customer lifetime value.

To remain agile enough to meet customers where they are and where they’re going, you’ll want to check out our Dreamforce Distilled session, The art of digitizing your customer service teams.


Reaching carbon neutrality with Sustainability Cloud

Net-zero is a dominant topic at this year’s reimagined Dreamforce. With Salesforce leading the charge on already being a net-zero organization, they’ve published their Climate Action Plan for other companies to follow. In the pursuit of a greener future, Salesforce is giving organizations the roadmap to getting to net-zero faster, together. With impressive demo’s highlighting the ability to gain a complete picture of your organization’s environmental footprint, where it’s coming from, and to be able to take action using tools like the Carbon Marketplace—all in a single interface.

Let’s talk about Slack, when it comes to reducing your supplier's emissions, you’re able to interact with that supplier in Slack and seamlessly share actionable insights and dashboards for a complete picture of your collective areas of opportunity. Sustainability Cloud is your ticket to a seamless annual footprinting process and a single source of truth for all your environmental data. To learn more on how to make your business an agent of change, join our Dreamforce Distilled session, Anchoring your business in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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