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Episode Three of Waste No Potential Podcast Released - LISTEN NOW

Diversity and inclusion.

We celebrate diversity in all its forms—of backgrounds, identities, ideas and perspectives—for the richness it brings to our organization and our people.

BIPOC woman smiling at BIPOC man
BIPOC standing in a small group

Training a diverse workforce.

We strive to be better through sustainable contributions to our community and society. Through Traction Access, we have committed to enabling Indigenous Peoples and newcomers to Canada to find meaningful employment.

Two BIPOC women looking at a computer screen

Educate and enable.

It’s a philosophy we truly live by. As well as working with Indigenous Peoples and newcomers to Canada, we also partner with higher education institutions and schools for skills development.

Tanya Jarrett CPO Traction on Demand with a mask on making tiles

Diversity in hiring.

Most people we hire are not “tech” people. They’re healthcare experts. Or financial service professionals. Or manufacturing wizards. Or nonprofit gurus. We thrive on diversity of experience and ideas. It’s the thing that makes us such a powerful partner to so many different industries, and we value it as much as they do.

diverse locations

Diverse locations.

Do you have to work in a large urban hub to work in tech? For us the answer is no. To increase our diversity we decided to bring the work to the talent, and we now employ teams in smaller communities across North America.

We’re always looking for diverse, uncommon thinkers