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Winning more commercial customers: A Salesforce Classic-to-Lightning success story with Noel Leeming

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This project was completed by Trineo before our teams became one; but regardless of which name is attached to it, all of our customers can count on receiving the same level of support, dedication, and expertise.

With 40 years experience and over 70 stores nationwide, Noel Leeming Group is New Zealand’s largest technology retailer, servicing the requirements of more customers than any other commercial entity. Their clients include New Zealand’s top 100 companies, as well as the entire New Zealand Insurance industry.

Poor design leads to lost sales

Fast, accurate price quotes can mean the difference between winning and losing big contracts. Unfortunately, Noel Leeming’s poorly designed quoting system put them in a losing position because it enabled reps to send a quote request for processing even when critical data was missing. With the clock ticking, everyone would scramble to find and fill in the missing information, causing delays. In the meantime, other vendors would win the business.

Considering Salesforce Classic to Lightning

During this time, Adam Miller, Noel Leeming Sector Sales Manager, debated a Salesforce Classic to Lightning platform conversion. The key to his decision was whether a Lightning conversion would help solve this custom quote design problem. What would Lightning deliver? Was it worth it?

Calling Trineo for Salesforce expertise and advice

Trineo’s expertise in Salesforce development, including whether and when to convert to Lightning, made them the right partner for Noel Leeming as they prepared to redesign their custom quote tool and process. Together, Trineo and Noel Leeming:

  • Evaluated how to solve the problem and whether to convert the platform
  • Designed and built a system that solved the workflow problems and smoothly generated custom pricing quotes
  • Converted Noel Leeming sales reps from the Classic to the Lightning platform
  • Established a new process for submitting refund requests
  • Enhanced the CRM system to support continuous improvements in data quality

Trineo sought to understand the problem before implementing the ideal solution. Via a discovery workshop with sales reps who served as the system’s primary users, the team identified the biggest problems, gathered and prioritised feature requests and determined what was possible to achieve given the project’s budget and timeline.

Converting to Lightning minimised custom development

Since Noel Leeming was focused on providing a more intuitive workflow, the Salesforce Lightning platform was the correct choice. Lightning has: 1) achieved feature parity with the Classic platform; 2) offers an attractive, modern interface; and 3) includes several standard features that would otherwise have required custom development. These features include:

  • Intuitive and easily created reports and dashboards
  • Pop up notifications
  • List views that enable in-line editing
  • Drag and drop file attachment (Classic requires five clicks)
  • The ability to compare and share bundles of products in an attractive PDF format
Rather than just convert to Lightning, take the opportunity to improve your current system or workflow. Lightning offers many out of the box features that were previously only available with custom development. This is the time to discover your users’ biggest problems and fix them.Kate Berlova, Functional Consultant, Trineo

The Salesforce Lightning layout is flexible and customizable

The Lightning layout enables users to build and customize a variety of data components. This layout includes:

  • a highlight panel (top) with six key fields
  • a visual status bar called Path
  • key details section (left)
  • a working panel for sending emails, scheduling tasks and other actions (right)

The Results

Users enjoy a smoother workflow

Trineo’s development team updated Noel Leeming’s custom quoting tool, stripped back unnecessary features, and seamlessly connected these updates to the existing, standard workflow. The best part? Users can’t tell which parts were new! They aren’t distracted when moving between custom and standard components and therefore stay in flow.

Data quality continuously improves

To provide Noel Leeming with the ability to improve account data quality without embarking on a massive data cleansing exercise, the new tool contains a Lightning Path standard feature that Noel Leeming coined Traffic Light. The feature encourages users to continuously improve the quality of customer data by scoring each record on a continuum: Needs More Work, Almost There and All Done. Until the record has achieved at least Almost There status, a sales rep cannot request a quote. This workflow keeps quote requests from stalling out due to delays.

Quote quantity increases immediately

For Noel Leeming, increased quote quantity equals increased revenue. This project caused quote quantity to rise steadily, starting with an immediate 13% increase (above organic growth) year over year once training was complete. The quantity continues to climb quarter over quarter based on process improvements alone, with no change in investment or marketing spend.

Training and engagement: critical to Lightning success

At Noel Leeming, quote quantity would absolutely not have increased and customer revenue would not have risen without a solid onboarding and engagement plan. Trineo encourages and supports training and onboarding, but ultimately, the client has the power to make it happen.

Kate explains: “If neglected, user training and onboarding will not go well. Noel Leeming started well before rollout. They notified everyone as changes happened, were fully transparent with demos, and were able to get user feedback all along the way. It wasn’t such a shock when the system switched because they were ready.”

Working closely with key users and team members throughout the discovery stage meant that we were building a tool to solve business problems at the coal face. We ran in-person training, webinars and digital videos to help our team members feel comfortable on the new platform from Day One. Approaching the project with a user/customer centric mindset made a significant difference.Adam Mille, Sector Sales Manager, Noel Leeming

84% rate the new tool 8 out of 10 or higher

That planning paid off. Not only did the new tool score highly with users, but 81% of them also gave training, resources, and communication an 8 out of 10 or higher, with 44% rating the onboarding resources a 10 out of 10. Notably, those few people who skipped training and onboarding were the people who indicated dissatisfaction with the new system.

"We were surprised at the instant increase in quote volumes per team member,” says Adam. “We believe that the adoption and onboarding process that we completed with our team was the catalyst to instant success."

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