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Driving customer-centricity with Wildlife Conservation Society

How WCS is creating a customer-centric experience for all of their constituents with Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is the world's leading conservation organization with 500 projects in 60 countries - also running New York zoos and aquariums. WCS has diverse audiences from disadvantaged urban communities and the world's poorest 300 million people all the way to Park Avenue. They offer multiple services including field conservation, cultural institutions and education. Their complex operations cover issues like livelihoods, illegal wildlife trade, natural resource extraction and biodiversity support.

In 2017, WCS embarked on a transformational journey with Salesforce and Traction on Demand to eliminate siloed systems and bring together visitor, member, donor and advocate data in one place. All to provide a consistent and personalized customer experience.

Trying to remember constituents across disparate systems

Customer data was stored across five disparate systems, each associated with a different department at WCS. Sales, service, marketing and other departments all operated independently, leading to a disconnected constituent experience. Constituents were forced to enter their data throughout multiple touch points and WCS staff had no visibility into these other interactions. Because they had very little insight into data siloed in other departments, WCS spent too much time trying to answer simple questions as opposed driving added value for constituents.

Aiming to deliver a personalized constituent experience, WCS staff were spending a lot of time and effort manually researching constituent data and crafting customized email communications. On the service side, this was leading to slow response time. From a marketing perspective, email campaigns weren't generating enough engagement due to poor send rates.

Uniting all data sources in Salesforce

Traction on Demand and WCS devised a multi-cloud solution with several key integrations that would unite constituent data within Salesforce:

  • Sales Cloud acts as a centralized hub for all integrated platforms, incorporating membership and ticketing data from Gateway, alongside donor and advocacy data from Springboard and Classy.
  • Service operations were migrated from to Service Cloud, where automated alerts inform agents and relationship managers that a new case has been logged.
  • Marketing Cloud leverages clean data from all integrated platforms as well as WCS' websites, driving personalized and targeted communications through Social Studio and Journey Builder.

Driving constituent-centricity in every interaction

With their new and expansive Salesforce instance, WCS have improved their ability to reach their constituents:

  1. WCS are leveraging a 360-degree view of their customers across all departments.
  2. Having improved the service team’s efficiency, WCS now offers a better customer service experience.
  3. WCS’ marketing initiatives are more personalized and effective across all channels with Marketing Cloud.
  4. WCS is providing a customer-centric, personalized experience to more people with less effort.

WCS' work on the Salesforce platform was celebrated and showcased during last year's Dreamforce. To hear more about what they've been able to achieve, watch their presentation from the conference.

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