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Transforming the Member Experience with YMCA of the North Shore

YMCA of the North Shore

After optimizing its lead management workflows with Traction Rec, YMCA of the North Shore has reinvented the way their organization manages leads and are averaging near 600 lead engagement tasks per month.

There are many considerations that come into play with digital transformation in the nonprofit space, but the most prominent we see repeatedly are limitations in budget, resources, and time. For YMCAs, this is particularly true, and the past year has only amplified these challenges.

What has been most inspiring to see is how these organizations have pivoted to alleviate staff of cumbersome administrative work, and how so many of them are placing a hyper-focused lens on technology. YMCA of the North Shore is a perfect example of this.

A strong history of building community

The YMCA of the North Shore is composed of seven local YMCAs that have joined together over the last decade and a half to create one YMCA association in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Focusing on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the YMCAs have delivered innovative programs and transformative responses to urgent social challenges and community needs for over 160 years.

Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.YMCA of the North Shore

Project challenges

YMCA of the North Shore was seeking a unified and standardized lead process that was consistent and manageable across several local Y’s. More than just a database of information, the YMCA needed a solution to better convert prospects into members, decrease administrative burden, and support incoming members.

  • Lack of automated lead process resulting in intensive administrative burden
  • Inability to accurately track and organize leads within a multi-location de-centralized model
  • Lack of a lead conversion process and functionality to follow up with leads 30-60-90 days out
  • Requiring in-person assistance and location coordination which proved difficult during a pandemic

The first step in their Salesforce journey

To help, Traction Rec worked with YMCA of the North Shore to:

  • Implement a Membership Lead Management solution within the Salesforce platform in three weeks
  • Standardize and report on sales methods
  • Track customer interactions and touchpoints
  • Forecast financials from each stage in the sales pipeline
  • See real-time data on individual performance and organization performance

A new approach to lead management

The YMCA of the North Shore has reinvented the way their organization
manages leads by using native Salesforce functionality. This has allowed
them to move to a model that has a newly established centralized
membership support team; in turn allowing local Y membership teams to
invest in the people and to build long term relationships all while
understanding the needs of their members.

“Our Y committed to revitalizing our lead management process because leads
are not just leads; they are people,” said Gerald MacKillop, Jr., MBA, SVP of
Operations for YMCA of the North Shore.

“We believe that the foundation of a Y experience is rooted in our core values
of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, and it starts with personal,
supportive relationships. Salesforce with Traction Rec has allowed our team
the platform with which we can ensure we're reconnecting leads to the right staff
and services, as well as prompting our team to complete key onboarding and
90-day retention efforts so our new members are supported and successful
over their first three months at our Y.”

The YMCA of the North Shore are taking a new approach to lead management

The results are in the numbers

Since implementing Salesforce and Traction Rec, YMCA of the North Shore are:

  • Getting data-driven and can measure exactly how each organization is performing in bringing new members into the community.
  • Transforming the member experience through a user-friendly, collaborative tool that enables information sharing between colleagues to best support incoming members
  • Enabling teams and decreasing administrative burden through a completely centralized member services hub, where staff can complete follow-up tasks, receive reminders to stay on track, and analyze dashboards and custom reports.

In the first six months, YMCA of the North Shore has achieved:

  • Creation of over 2,300 leads, with 57% converted, 32% still engaged, and 11% closed-not-converted
  • 1,300 converted leads which represent approximately $85,000 monthly membership income
  • A pipeline representing approximately $45,000 of potential monthly membership income that staff are working on closing
  • An average of near 600 lead engagement tasks per month managed by Membership Directors and power users who have fully adopted the platform as their primary workflow

Getting started with Traction Rec

Traction Rec’s Membership Lead Management Accelerator is a great fit for organizations looking to adopt a trackable sales process quickly. If you’re looking to transform, grow and strengthen your community with a simplified and automated membership process, connect with us.

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