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    How Time Warner Cable is cutting the cord on duplicate data

    How Time Warner Cable is driving cleanliness and consistency in their data

    Time Warner Cable is among the largest providers of video, high-speed data and voice services in the United States, connecting 15 million customers to entertainment, information and each other. Time Warner Cable had previously implemented Salesforce where they housed titanic quantities of data. However, due to challenges relating to duplicates and data quality, Time Warner Cable employees lacked confidence in customer data. To regenerate the value of their data, Time Warner Cable partnered with Traction on Demand and underwent a full org audit as a first step.


    • With data quality issues like large volumes of duplicate, incomplete and outdated customer data, Time Warner Cable lacked true visibility into their customer base.
    • Employees looking to leverage data during customer interactions lacked trust in Salesforce, uncertain that the data stored there was meaningful or accurate.


    • Org audit and business solution design: Traction on Demand reviewed Time Warner Cable’s customer data and metadata, then built a plan to promote data cleanliness through data governance.
    • Data and duplicate cleanup: Cleanup of critical records such as Account records were prioritized, including remediation of legacy values and the standardization of names, addresses and picklist values. The project team worked to ensure duplicate data was clean and accurate before merging duplicate records.
    • Data model and data governance: Traction on Demand and Time Warner Cable improved data structure through several low-risk, quick wins, and developed and adopted a data governance action plan.
    • Traction Hierarchies: To help the Time Warner Cable sales team visualize customer data and identify white space, the project team implemented Traction Hierarchies.


    • End-to-end de-duplication: With the minimal-to-no disruption to Time Warner Cable’s business, more than 450,000 duplicates were merged into 330,000 records.
    • User trust restored: The Time Warner Cable team can confidently leverage customer data knowing it’s clean and actionable. Quicker access to the correct records means less time spent searching for and creating records.
    • Scalable data governance: With a re-usable process to capture additional duplicate records and solid data governance, Time Warner Cable has all the tools needed to maintain usable data over the long term.

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