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Scaling marketing automation to match accelerated enterprise growth at Momentive

Unifying records with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to reshape the future of customer experience

Over the last 20+ years, SurveyMonkey has defined the online survey category, gathering 55 billion answers to peoples’ questions and spreading the power of feedback across the world. But as its strategy and portfolio evolved, so did its need for a robust platform to support such growth.

For many, SurveyMonkey is a household name. However a lot has changed in the last two decades, and today, SurveyMonkey offers so much more than just a free survey tool. From customer experience to market research to enterprise feedback management, SurveyMonkey is tailored to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

Introducing Momentive: an agile experience management company

To better reflect its expanding portfolio and enterprise growth across both B2B and B2C markets, SurveyMonkey undertook a brand refresh. “Our extensive research showed that the name SurveyMonkey, while popular and a great fit for our online surveys solution, did not convey our focus on the enterprise,” said Leela Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer at Momentive.

Now as Momentive, this change represents more than a bright new logo and company name, it is also an opportunity to reimagine the technology ecosystem to better meet customers’ evolving needs, preferences, and business priorities.

Introducing Momentive: an agile experience management company
Marketing team collaboration

Growing pains: making the jump from B2C to B2B

Like many high-growth tech companies, Momentive realized that having the right marketing automation technology and systems in place would be essential in driving enterprise B2B growth.

“Our company is over 20 years old but has gone through quite a bit of change recently in terms of both product offerings and go-to-market strategy,” said Anthony Schurz, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing at Momentive.

As our business is evolving to be more holistic across B2C and B2B, it started to make sense for us to invest in a platform that could not only meet, but help accelerate our growth targets.Anthony Schurz, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing at Momentive

Prior to working with Traction on Demand (ToD), Momentive struggled with the scalability of its legacy marketing automation platform. Some of the team’s key pain points included:

  • Campaign organization and hierarchy: Legacy systems were complex and geared towards a B2B audience. With no real automation, updating campaigns was a manual, time-consuming process.
  • Complex customer journey building: Cross-channel journeys often took months to build due to the heavy custom code required for each journey. As a result, there was no real-time listening or reporting.
  • Rigid data architecture: With multiple data sources the Momentive team needed to work across multiple platforms, which led to fragmented data sources.

“We had to rely on a lot of extra engineering to tie our customer stories together,” said Michelle Yam, Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing & Analytics at Momentive. “If we wanted to successfully transition into the enterprise market and continue to scale, it really didn't make sense for us to have two platforms that didn't talk to each other.”

Gaining momentum with Traction on Demand

Amid this exciting period of brand evolution—adding new products to its portfolio through acquisition, transitioning from B2C to also B2B—Momentive reached out to Traction on Demand to implement a marketing automation solution that would scale alongside its continued growth.

By taking the time to understand how our business operates, Traction on Demand were able to help effectively shape the technology to suit our overall objectives.Anthony Schurz, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing at Momentive

With Marketing Cloud, Momentive has the right technology to match its current business strategy and needs. Since implementing Salesforce, Momentive has access to:

  • Real-time listening to build effective customer journeys—fast
  • Unlocked cross-channel journeys between Marketing and Sales
  • The right tools to create a more personalized and relevant customer experience

“We now have a clean slate that moves away from complex and rigid data architectures, so we can continue to provide our teams and customers with a best-in-class experience,” said Michelle. “By uniting our brands and team on the Salesforce ecosystem, we can take our customers on a holistic journey as we continue our growth in the enterprise.”

With Interaction Studio, Momentive is empowered to deliver contextually-relevant experiences in real-time across their channels. Since implementing Interaction Studio Momentive are able to:

  • Access a full 360-degree customer view in real-time
  • View cross-channel consumer insights
  • Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

“The new solution allows us to pick up even more signals about our customers as they're navigating our site,” said Michelle. “With these insights, our teams can get a full 360-degree view of our customers to build more personalized and relevant journeys.”

Traction on Demand were able to help us intelligently leverage decades of historical data while also getting the systems and processes in place for the next 20 years of growth.Anthony Schurz, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing at Momentive

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