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Pitching success for the LA Dodgers on and off the field with Salesforce

How the LA Dodgers empowered their sales teams with the right data at the right time through Salesforce

With six World Series titles under their belt, the LA Dodgers are among the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball. A sports behemoth and world-class organization, the LA Dodgers are devoted to bringing success to every level of their operations, whether that's on the field, on the phones selling tickets or through building sponsorship deals. Their players use only the best equipment, and the Dodgers wanted to similarly arm their three sales teams with the top-notch tools they need to excel.

In 2018, the Dodgers embarked on a transformational journey with Salesforce and Traction on Demand. They connected the sales teams on the platform for better collaboration, enhanced customer experience and improved decision making.

The pitcher threw a curve ball

The LA Dodgers have three distinct sales teams (Sponsorship, Ticketing and Premium) serving various customer segments, but the franchise's existing Salesforce instance was not set up to support their needs. With insufficient architecture, the sales teams were overwhelmed with irrelevant data that made their day-to-day work inefficient.

Beyond the lack of data segmentation, the Dodgers are leveraging for their ticket sales, which allows multiple user accounts with a single email address. Many customers had multiple accounts, which made it difficult for sales reps to know which record to use to best tailor conversations with customers. Working across multiple user accounts and a poorly divided Salesforce instance meant the Dodgers lacked an effective way to recognize revenue across multi-year contracts. This strategy made revenue recognition a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

Making a triple play

To make the LA Dodgers' Salesforce org work better for all three sales teams, Traction on Demand implemented a data security model and aggregated data into their instance.

  • Data security model ensured that each sales team only sees the records they need to see
  • accounts were matched in the Dodgers' data warehouse and surfaced under a single Account in Salesforce
  • Revenue schedules introduced the ability to separate new and existing revenue to drive stronger reporting

Hitting it outta the park

Traction on Demand and the LA Dodgers built an integrated system that made their existing Sales Cloud instance more effectively support the MLB franchise.

  • Each sales team can better collaborate, with full insight into only the Accounts that matter to them.
  • Sales reps are empowered with the data they need to have better conversations with customers, increasing their effectiveness and enhancing the customer experience.
  • All three sales teams are saving time, no longer needing to scour through duplicate Accounts or create multiple Opportunity records for a single Account.
  • The LA Dodgers are driving more valuable insights through revenue recognition and can make better decisions based on improved reporting.

By arming their three sales teams with the right tools needed to match their performance on the pitch, the LA Dodgers sales teams were enabled to operate more efficiently and grow their organization.

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