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How Mark Beamish Waterproofing is clearing their schedule with Salesforce

Mark Beamish Waterproofing (MBW) is a certified applicator for some of the world's leading manufacturers in waterproofing systems. Providing quality waterproofing, caulking, coatings, sealants, air barriers, restorations and more to customers in California, Nevada and Arizona has led MBW to form lasting partnerships with their client base.

This emphasis on quality work and customer service allowed MBW to enjoy impressive growth over the last 35 years. With three locations across the Western United States, MBW recognized their need to become a data-driven company.

MBW partnered with Traction on Demand to help bring their operations onto the Salesforce platform. They started working on their initial goal: bringing disparate systems and manual processes into Sales Cloud.

Project challenges

MBW’s manual sales processes were becoming increasingly inefficient and ineffective in the wake of substantial growth:

  • They wanted to record data more accurately and succinctly to improve efficiency of their sales operations so that they could handle a greater volume of work. They were previously using written notes and Excel sheets.
  • They maintained inconsistent and uncoordinated sales processes when it came to bidding on projects, which resulted in missed business.

MBW completed their scheduling through Google Sheets and a single physical whiteboard:

  • MBW’s whiteboard needed to be updated every day by hand.
  • Employees had no access to the schedule if it was not in front of them.
  • Project management and coordination of foremen and their teams was a challenging task under their legacy scheduling system (foremen only viewed the board when they came to the office in the morning), reducing efficiency in project delivery and communications.
  • Foremen lacked the ability to view that day’s and the following days’ tasks while on the go.
  • Duplicate Google Docs were being used by multiple users, resulting in frequent miscommunication.

Project solutions

Full Sales Cloud implementation:

  • Sales Cloud was rolled out for a limited number of MBW employees to start.
  • Traction implemented best practices to maximize adoption and maintain high data quality.
  • A sales estimating function was configured.
  • Full Sales Cloud functionality was made available to MBW reps including reporting and dashboards to add visibility to their business.

Lightning-enabled scheduling board:

  • The scheduling board leveraged native Lightning Experience functionality so that it could be built declaratively with very little code.
  • Traction created a “New Job Booking” quick action within the object that made it easy to initiate a new booking.
  • The calendar was enabled for full-screen and was scaled for HD so that MBW could bring the schedule up on large monitors in the office to increase visibility for the broader team.

Project results

MBW has prioritized Salesforce adoption, which has resulted in excellent data quality, great dashboards and a strong ROI:

  • MBW executives have full visibility of their sales pipeline, forecasting and closed business, allowing them to better track bids and growth.
  • Late/Missed Bids went from 50+ a month to 1-4 per month.
  • Project managers can view notes, Contact numbers and other customer data with greater ease.

25 Users of Salesforce over 924 days:

  • 3370 won Opportunities worth $51,344,321
  • 43,449 Opportunities created
  • 111,158 logins (4446 per User, or 4.8 logins per day)
  • 11,900 Tasks created, 7189 completed
  • 110,693 Chatter Posts on Opportunities or Jobs (4427 per Users)

Improved coordination between project managers and foremen is resulting in more efficient projects and happier customers:

  • Project managers have the ability to check their schedules and communicate more easily with foremen.
  • Foremen will soon have access to these features as well, reducing the communication challenges between the two groups.

Salesforce roadmap for MBW: MBW has seen quantifiable success with their original Salesforce implementation. As a result, they’re currently engaged with Traction in not only this project but several others, with the goal to move all operations onto Salesforce.

The knowledge and insight we have gained into our sales operations, and frankly the entire business, has allowed our company to grow while increasing internal efficienciesAdam Beamish, President, Mark Beamish Waterproofing

Project Insights from Akio Tajiri, Cloud Technologist Team Lead at Traction:

“Salesforce has changed everything about the way Mark Beamish does business. They are able to see their current and future sales, track profit, bid only with partners where they have seen success before, save time on working with templates, and leverage their database to have meaningful interactions with every bid that goes out.

Adam is often told, “this CEO actually sends an email about every bid,” from impressed customers, who don’t know this is all done with the power of Salesforce. MBW initially struggled with employee adoption of the platform as they were more used to and comfortable manually entering data. Understanding the impact poor adoption can have on a technology investment like Salesforce, MBW focused heavily on building a system that was intuitive and supportive of their reps. They were also diligent around user training and advocacy.”

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