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Lightning fast Salesforce adoption for North West Rubber

How North West Rubber is leveraging the simplicity of the Lightning Experience to drive user adoption and build a 360-degree customer view.

North West Rubber is a Canadian company that specializes in recycled rubber solutions - manufacturing and distributing products made from recycled rubber. In business for more than 40 years, North West Rubber realized the need to modernize their business process and tried to do so by implementing a number of disparate systems including Sage, Excel and Epicor. These systems lacked ease of use, a critical success factor for North West Rubber, who contacted Traction to help them devise a solution leveraging the Salesforce platform.

Weighed down by poor process

While North West Rubber wanted to leverage technology more prominently in their business, their sales reps were somewhat resistant to the adoption of technology. This resistance was exacerbated by the lack of a single source of truth and customer data, contributing to errors in data management. Emails with clients were lost or inaccessible, leading to disjointed communications and duplicated efforts by the sales team. Ultimately, this led to a sales process that was reactive and cumbersome.

North West Rubber looks to Lightning Experience

Together, Traction on Demand and North West Rubber built a solution around Sales Cloud and the Lightning Experience. Along with the core Sales Cloud features, they implemented some best practice functionality in the form of quoting, reports and dashboards, email tracking, Google and LinkedIn search buttons and more. Communication all takes place within Salesforce now, and the clean and easy-to-use Lightning interface encourages North West Rubber's sales reps to use the platform. They can perform tasks more quickly and easily with Salesforce than they can through manual processes, and the results speak for themselves. “We went from 53%user adoption to 93%user adoption after implementing Salesforce. Within 30 days, we had over a 600% increase in the number of quotes entered into Salesforce,” says Shane Merritt, Inside Sales Team Lead at North West Rubber.

North West Rubber is proving that the power of the Lightning Experience to drive user adoption does not only relate to industries that have traditionally relied on technology. Adoption lacks meaning without the proper tools, however, and North West Rubber have been set up for success with a 360 degree view of their customers.

Working with Traction has been an absolute pleasure.Shane Merritt, Inside Sales Team Lead, North West Rubber

Additional project learnings from Traction on Demand’s Lihan Tolmie, Strategic Solutions Analyst

"It's very important to ensure that the client understands how native Salesforce objects are set up so that they can communicate that to users, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of what they are doing. North West Rubber's more advanced users can leverage this understanding of the platform to gain independence in managing their instance of Sales Cloud. Ultimately, this enables them to build on that initial success post-implementation."

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