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Journeying with BuildDirect and Marketing Cloud

How BuildDirect leveraged Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s journey builder and predictive intelligence to automate eight journeys in four months

BuildDirect Technologies is a technology company located in Vancouver, BC. It is one of the world's leading and fastest growing online marketplaces for heavyweight home improvement products. The company was founded in 1999 and directly connects buyers (consumers and contractors) with sellers (suppliers and manufacturers).

Project challenges

  • BuildDirect had a flat data structure that wasn’t synced with internal systems.
  • All automated campaigns triggered behavioural messages in near real-time requiring them to complete extensive development work.
  • BuildDirect were very active and email-savvy, but they could not leverage efficient operations, resulting in a less-than-optimal approach to targeted marketing.
  • Lead nurturing and conversion had been in place, but they required a high number of redundant sales steps, leading to wasted man-hours from sales as well as overlooked leads.
  • Product recommendations were based on top sellers and top viewed products. Few models were in place to leverage customer-targeted recommendations on site with no capability to do so through email.

Project solutions

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud's (SFMC) APIs and flexible data structure were leveraged to build out an effective foundation for automation.
  • A full data integration was implemented between BuildDirect's core CRM and web systems. An effective marketing data structure was devised within SFMC to facilitate targeted marketing.
  • Traction devised and implemented eight Journeys focused on new member acquisition, customer on-boarding, prospect nurturing, abandon cart nurturing, abandon browse journey, win-back journey, lead nurturing for new vendors and lead nurturing for new affiliates.
  • Where relevant, predictive intelligence email & web recommendations were leveraged, ultimately resulting in large conversion gains.
  • Mobile responsive templates were rebuilt for all core emails.

Project results

Onboarding Journey

A 110% lift was seen in conversion of prospects to qualified leads (i.e.. sample conversion).

Sample Follow Up Journey

  • BuildDirect eliminated 200 man-hours per week of manual process from their sales team (even though an automated process had been in place previously).
  • There was a 6% increase in lead: sale conversion (0.068 - 0.072). This represented a major gain in revenue given the high volume of qualified leads (sample conversion) and the high AOV of orders.

Operational Efficiency

  • Marketing has the ability to autonomously handle all marketing emails and journeys.
  • After initial set-up of the first two journeys, the BuildDirect email team have self-sufficiently set up an additional 6 journeys.
  • Mobile responsive templates made the launching of emails considerably easier.


Integration of back-office data and an effective marketing data structure have allowed far more effective targeting and segmentation. This has led to a significant increase in revenues associated with segmented promotional emails.

Product Recommendations

The lift from web and email recommendations returned 200% of the total cost within one month. This was measured via A/B testing.


  • The tool was active within one week.
  • Data integration had been completed within three months.
  • The first three priority journeys were completed within four months.

Strong customer relationships.

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