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Improving the customer, employee, and partner experience with Merchant Growth

How Merchant Growth has gained independence from third-party vendors and is driving a better experience with faster sales cycles and enhanced usability.

Merchant Advance Capital (now Merchant Growth) is one of the fastest growing companies in Vancouver and was the fourth fastest growing financial services company in Canada according to Profit 500. Established in 2009, their mission is to provide Canadian small businesses with fast and easy access to working capital.

With all of this rapid growth, Merchant Growth had exceeded the limits of their custom built, in-house systems. They partnered with another of Vancouver's fastest growing companies, Traction on Demand, to help them build a business solution leveraging the Salesforce platform.

A sales system and process not optimized for scale

Merchant had been leveraging an externally managed, in-house CRM for use in their sales cycles, selling loans and financing to small businesses. As the company scaled, their dependence on third-party vendors to customize their systems prevented them from adapting quickly and expanding. This all translated into a poor sales experience for employees and customers alike.

Staff were leveraging a swivel-chair of disparate systems for tasks like credit checks, quote generation and document signature, slowing down the sales process. This meant that customers were kept waiting for long periods of time, unsure of whether their loan would be approved.

Moreover, Merchant's partner brokers needed access to customer data and documentation (along with information about their sales commission) and were requesting this information from Merchant in an ad hoc fashion, time that would be better spent servicing customers.

Client enablement and the single screen

Traction helped Merchant move off of their legacy system and onto Salesforce Sales Cloud. To eliminate the need to move back and forth interactions between different systems, Traction consolidated all of the most valuable information and functionality to a single screen. Whether sales reps need to generate quotes, view credit check results or send documents to customers, they never need to leave the Opportunity record.

The system that we built together is filling a vital organizational need. Moving to Salesforce will be instrumental to our growth over the next couple of years.Aziz Ahmed, VP Client Support, Merchant Growth

Included in the project was the implementation of a Salesforce Community for more than 100 partner brokers. Within the community brokers can view all customer data and documentation associated to their accounts and can leverage the same tools as Merchant's sales reps to help close their deals faster.

Prior to go-live, Merchant underwent an intensive Salesforce admin training program to help them become self-sufficient with the platform. They built out their own change management process alongside data governance that aligned with Traction best practices, allowing them to iterate on their solution themselves.

A faster sales cycle for happier customers

With Salesforce Lightning's responsive UI, employees and brokers can work simply and easily through sales, delivering more value to their customers, faster.

Full visibility into every customer touchpoint is enabling all departments to work together, placing the customer first. And, since Merchant is fully trained on Salesforce, they are in a great position for future success as they scale the platform alongside their growing team and business.

"Traction fostered excellent communication with our team at Merchant. They ensured that we were involved in the process and that nothing was slipping through the cracks. The system that we built together is filling a vital organizational need. Moving to Salesforce will be instrumental to our growth over the next couple of years. We've been building up our company foundations this year and Traction has been a true partner in setting the business up for success. They understood the importance of providing us the knowledge and training to leverage Salesforce and because of that, we'll be able to scale and grow on the platform as our business evolves."

- Aziz Ahmed, VP Client Support, Merchant Advance Capital

Ready, set, grow

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