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How the world’s largest dairy exporter improved employee engagement

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This project was completed by Trineo before our teams became one; but regardless of which name is attached to it, all of our customers can count on receiving the same level of support, dedication, and expertise.

Ice cream. Cheese. Cold chocolate milk. The world would be a less delicious place without Fonterra. As the world’s largest dairy exporter, they are shaping the industry through quality and innovation, supplying products to more than 100 countries around the globe.

A new platform to provide connection at all levels

With more than 22,000 team members, Fonterra was looking for a way for employees to connect -- to share knowledge and ideas, to collaborate, and to build relationships on a truly global scale. The solution needed to be easily accessible on any device at any time, provide two-way communication with real-time feedback, and have a simple, clean navigation and interface.

“Fonterra employees need to be able to feel connected with others and that’s what we did with this project,” says Dan Fowlie, COO of Trineo. “We needed to give them a voice and the ability to form relationships with anyone in this highly dispersed team, ranging from a factory worker in a rural setting to the CEO at the Co-op’s headquarters.”

Fonterra partnered with Trineo for technical advice and implementation

Fonterra collaborated with Trineo, their long-time development partner (with six projects currently underway), to shape strategy and build out the platform. Trineo began by building a Proof of Concept to validate the feasibility of the key requirements. As part of this initial phase, Trineo moved Fonterra to the cloud and off their old server.

Fonterra’s intranet solution was built on a dated, 16-year-old on-premise IBM server that was costly to run. This old platform pushed content out but didn’t enable two-way engagement. The new solution would need to connect to Fonterra’s LDAP directory and meet these objectives:

  • Must be fun and socially engaging, but also built for enterprise
  • Must be easy for people to access information and services
  • Must be mobile responsive and available to people (literally) in the field

Pioneering Salesforce Communities at scale

After an extensive technical evaluation, the team selected Salesforce Communities over Facebook for Business and started building MilkyWay, the new internal communications solution. Fonterra was one of the first large enterprise customers to deploy this platform at scale. Trineo was also one of the first Salesforce partners to use Lightning Community Builder to configure Fonterra’s platform.

Today, MilkyWay is Fonterra’s primary channel for connection and information

The new community platform has provided Fonterra employees with a place to simultaneously produce, share and consume company news and information, while connecting and collaborating with other employees across the globe.

Today, Fonterra employees set up their own profiles, consume news, publish and comment on posts, join social groups and search for relevant information. When new employees start work, they are automatically added to all relevant social groups, so they can start interacting right away.

Content customisation and localisation

The content platform also supports localisation and translation, along with the ability to customise, filter, and target multiple content types to groups of employees based on any number of sets of employee data. These features provide the ability to deliver a relevant news feed unique to each team member, served in his or her own native language.

Enhancing Salesforce mobile with additional core functionality

Since photo sharing is a critical part of the social platform, it was important that all community members have the ability to post photos. Salesforce1 (Salesforce’s mobile application) only supports internal users, so Trineo built a custom mobile app to provide this functionality to the field. Trineo’s custom work also uses a stored token so mobile users only have to log in once.

Trineo’s tenacity is a key to project success

With 10+ years of Salesforce experience, expertise in complex systems, and a strong relationship with Salesforce senior executives, Trineo satisfied all of Fonterra’s key requirements. Dan says, “We’re tenacious. When the work gets tough, I’ve seen other vendors take shortcuts. A Trineo-implemented SFDC instance is going to take you further because we don’t give up. We thrive on complex problems and will take you all the way there.”

MilkyWay provides the community with a world-class intranet, targeted multilingual news and a social media offering -- all of which have engagement built into their DNA. It is a complete solution, coupled with strong analytics and insight, that allows us to connect, engage, leverage, and activate our global employee community across 40 countries and 210 locations.Ian Rodney, Digital Communications Manager, Fonterra

Future work: UX improvements and legacy system considerations

Now that the MilkyWay team is off to a successful start, the team is planning a variety of user interface improvements. Certain legacy systems may become part of the new platform. The team is also exploring ways to empower employees to share relevant news outside of the company, effectively making them brand ambassadors. New markets await.

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