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How Salesforce powered the full package with Inland Packaging

Inland Packaging Manufacturers

Inland Packaging has transformed from a local printer to a global leader in advanced packaging technology throughout their seventy-seven year-span. As the leading label manufacturer in North America, Inland nurtures worldwide supply chain relationships, working collaboratively with customers and partners to create innovative packaging solutions for food, beverage and consumer products.

Given the large scope of their organization, the Inland team recognized an opportunity to examine their current and potential capabilities within their Salesforce ecosystem. Already proficient with Salesforce Classic, they understood the importance of transitioning to a fresh, lightweight, Lightning-enabled org that would enable them to leverage new platform functionality. Inland partnered with Traction on Demand (ToD) to transition to Lightning and implement a robust analytics practice with Einstein which now allows them to continue to power great packaging.

One of the things that we [Inland] pride ourselves on is constantly reinvesting in our company, whether that be people, technology or equipmentJackie Kuehlmann, Director of Marketing & Sales, Inland Packaging

Putting a new label on an old package

Known for finding innovative solutions to packaging needs, Inland was looking to streamline processes that would enable them to continue to reinvent themselves. Previous to working with Traction on Demand, Inland was surrounded by technical debt on the Salesforce Classic platform, as a result of too many customizations.

With so much siloed data, there were limited processes in place, making it increasingly difficult to paint a clear picture of their sales funnel. This lack of visibility into the sales process impacted how accounts were moved from marketing to sales, ultimately resulting in poor portfolio management. As much of their previous Salesforce org had been overbuilt; calculating, visualizing and forecasting proved to be a challenge - leading to poor time management and overwhelming amounts of data to process.

Inland Packaging manufacturers

Streamlining to success with new structures

Together, the Traction on Demand and Inland teams migrated their org to Salesforce Lightning Experience to allow end-users the ability to increase their daily productivity and overall functionality. The team also designed and implemented a new lead management process to alleviate miscommunication around project and account responsibilities.

In order to combat Inland’s lack of ability to forecast revenue and projected growth, ToD implemented Einstein Analytics. By integrating this tool into Inland’s Salesforce org, teams could intuitively visualize forecasted revenue and analyze year over year forecasts for specific accounts, ultimately enabling them to continue down their growth path.

Access to better data, as well as analytics are allowing us to make decisions based on what is actually happening vs what we assume or think is happening.Jackie Kuehlmann

Increasing efficiencies through innovation

By moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, Inland’s Salesforce instance leverages native functionality, which allows them to scale their systems and leverage the latest Salesforce releases so that they can stay on top of their database. Jackie noted that their “continued evolution with Salesforce has allowed our sales and marketing groups to be much more efficient and effective in what we do every day.”

The new process and technology that Inland has in place means that their inside sales and account management teams can convert prospects into satisfied customers more efficiently. By creating available real-time insights, the Inland team is able to leverage a robust reporting functionality to view key data and insights that enable data-driven decision making.

With innovation being a key pillar of success at Inland, the team can now focus on their efforts on growing the business and expanding their creative capabilities, all while delivering a quality product.

Manufacturing your own success

Looking to start your own lightning migration? Speak with one of our Manufacturing experts to get started with Salesforce and Traction on Demand today.