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    More fun, fewer forms with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

    How Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is using to revolutionize the heli-skiing experience

    Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCH) is the pioneer of boutique heli-skiing in North America. Customers come from all over the world to experience some of the most phenomenal heli-skiing runs on the planet, led by premier guides and pilots. Offering a world-class experience focused on superior customer service is what GCH strives for with every guest interaction. Looking to enhance their customer experience, they turned to Salesforce and Traction on Demand.

    Project challenges

    Their data wasn't giving them a full picture of their customer base: GCH had islands of data living in different systems for operations, reservation and sales, but none of those systems had the capability to communicate with data in any of the other systems. This means that GCH didn’t have a clear view of their guest’s profile and history, making it difficult to provide the level of service required to meet their brand expectations. Their customer data was neither actionable nor segmented for sales or marketing purposes.

    Imposition of data collection adversely affected customer experience: Completing administrative paperwork took time away from the customer experience. Guests wanted to hit the runs as soon as possible and maximize their time on the mountains, not spend their trip filling out forms and waivers. GCH needed a system to manage this process before guests arrived; this system needed to be engaging and collect meaningful information that could easily be shared, accessed and updated.

    Guides had less time to get to know their customers: GCH was faced with the growing trend of shorter heli-skiing adventures (away from the traditional 7-day trip to just 3-day trips) and the service consequences of less time spent together and greater guest turnover. How could GCH get to know their customers well enough to provide the top-level of service required by their brand standards?

    Project solutions

    A new website and mobile optimization were implemented: Traction helped GCH create a better online profile through a newly branded website. This would increase their audience size and pull voluntary data into their system while ensuring the brand was consistent across all of the customer touch points (social, giveaways, website, etc.). Adaptive templates were also created to build a mobile experience, leveraging Salesforce for basic lead acquisition.

    Salesforce was configured to collect the right data: Traction built out the back end of GCH’s Salesforce org to collect the required guest/ski information such as trip interest, groupings, guest records and histories, in-bound lead acquisition and tracking, activity management, skier profiles and trip summaries.

    Customers were enabled with a Salesforce Portal: A customer-facing Salesforce portal was created (along with custom VisualForce pages) to provide a self-serve, secure environment to manage client data, allowing the customer to perform required administration prior to arrival at the resort. This reduced the administrative burden and eliminated unnecessary data collection.

    Marketo was leveraged to better manage customers: Marketo was employed to deliver email marketing campaigns and a monthly newsletter to nurture customers and build on GCH’s database.

    Project results

    An increase in clean, high-quality customer data has resulted in a better resort experience. Customers can enjoy a vacation that is more in line with the brand experience promised at the time of booking. There is a marked reduction in administrative burden for both staff and clients with respect to the management of customer profile, history and ski information. Stronger ties have been created between sales and marketing, with better data generated allowing for more targeted messaging.

    GCH has also seen an approximately 90% increase in email-ready leads from August 2013 to February 2014. Social channels have improved in their effectiveness in facilitating engagement with existing and potential customers. A significant increase in revenue generated and customer satisfaction has also followed.

    Full note from Greg Porter, Owner of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

    “Traction on Demand has created a seamless Salesforce platform which wraps our marketing, sales, reservations and operations teams around our customers so we all remain connected in real time, all the time. We look forward to continuing work with Traction on Demand using Salesforce to share with our guests the best powder snow in the world.”

    Project Insights Re: Marketing Automation from Sarah Davids, Marketing Asset Management (MAM) Account Manager, Traction on Demand

    “It is very important for GCH to identify whether the prospect has heli-skied before and what their level of powder experience is so that any follow-up can be relevant. All of the forms now ask a variation of this question, whether it’s through contact us, newsletter sign-up, eBook, contest, request availability, etc. GCH also uses this qualifier to choose which nurture stream new leads enter from a contest.”

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