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Salesforce Field Service and the effortless inspection experience with ACV

How ACV Auctions is using Salesforce Field Service to drive productivity and transparency

ACV Auctions (ACV) is the leading dealer-to-dealer, online automotive marketplace. They provide an end-to-end service by sending teams of Vehicle Inspectors to dealerships to complete vehicle condition reports, before adding vehicles to their online marketplace.

Their technology modernizes the entire arc of auction operations, including account management, title management, floor plan purchasing, arbitration, and logistics.

ACV Auctions gives dealers the tools and technology to buy and sell better.

As the fastest growing online wholesale automotive marketplace in the United States, ACV is committed to the continuous advancement of their technology to continue raising the bar for online marketplaces across the country.

To drive this mission, streamline the car inspection process and enhance the user experience, ACV partnered with Traction on Demand to implement a solution that leverages the Salesforce platform and Field Service Lightning.

Overbookings and limited visibility

Before setting getting started with Salesforce, ACV relied on a combination of Google Sheets, WhatsApp and email. Scheduling and requesting car inspections, dealership appointments and employee assignments through these disparate tools generated a lack of visibility that resulted in duplicated data, redundant phone calls and time-intensive reporting.

With so much siloed data and ununified reporting, ACV had little visibility into the day-to-day operations of their Vehicle Inspectors. Inconsistent data sharing between ACV, inspectors and dealers compounded the issue, leading to missed sales opportunities and overbooked inspections.

A streamlined process

Together, the Traction on Demand and ACV project team implemented Salesforce Field Service (SFS, previously FSL). This provided end-users with an intuitive, mobile-ready platform to simplify scheduling, improve reporting and act as a single source of truth for dealership data.

With SFS, Vehicle Inspectors use an app to follow a simple appointment flow: Arrived, Begin Appointment and Complete Appointment. At each visit, they capture the number of vehicles onsite through the mobile app, and an automated calculation will update the duration and scheduled end time for the appointment. Inspectors are also able to easily request assistance when required.

Two additional features are also key components of ACV’s new solution:

Custom Work Order Queue

The custom-developed Work Order Queue enables inspectors to see assigned and upcoming appointments that are categorized and searchable based on territory, work type and status.

Revolving Appointment Generator

This tool provides ACV with the ability to easily schedule repeat visits with specific criteria; allowing Territory Managers to accurately dispatch Vehicle Inspectors while limiting duplicate data. Appointments can be set in advance based on criteria such as day of the week or month, repeating pattern, etc.

Field Service: productive inspectors, happy customers

Now, ACV has all the necessary tools to more efficiently conduct vehicle inspections. With the custom Work Order Queue and Revolving Appointment Generator, ACV can view and assign single and recurring appointments, allowing Vehicle Inspectors to only see the appointments relevant to their territory. This relieves Territory Managers of cumbersome scheduling responsibilities, leading to increased productivity and streamlined assignment processes over time.

Traction on Demand provided the deep expertise and technical knowledge to help us understand how technology can transform our operations. Steven Szopinski, ACV Auctions

Another benefit of ACV’s new solution is their new reporting capabilities. They can now gain more detailed insights into the day-to-day operations of Vehicle Inspectors, alongside the tools needed to create and monitor key performance indicators that help with decision making.

With SFS, ACV has gained a scalable solution that streamlines processes, increases transparency and ultimately delivers a smoother customer experience.

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