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Custom onboarding tool for an influential fashion retailer in 30 days

Fashion retailer's internal website moves on to

Traction on Demand worked with a Canadian Women’s fashion retailer located in Vancouver, BC. With over 60 physical locations in North America and a strong online presence, this company is one of the largest, most culturally influential Women’s brands in Canada. As a rapidly expanding retail organization, they have to contend with seasonal shopping demands, resulting in a large temporary employee base who, because of their growth, we're unable to be fully briefed on their branding and policy.

Project challenges

During the Holiday season, this company hires 1000+ temporary employees to fill positions in their stores, each of which requires training and onboarding. Brand is a major part of their DNA and connecting temporary employees with the corporate brand & message was a major challenge. As a large-scale solution, they wanted to create an internal site to engage employees with their brand. The project needed to complete in 30 days (start-to-finish) to be on time for the holiday hiring period. The site needed to be mobile and device optimized to meet the needs of all employees. Information on the site was private, so the project required authentication. They had thousands of users, none of whom had a company email address, which complicated the issue of authentication. Content needed to be dynamically updated by non-technical resources, so the retailer was looking for a scalable solution.

Project solutions

Traction on Demand implemented a custom site leveraging Salesforce in order to address these challenges. The implementation took place in a four-week sprint program to meet the required deadline. Single Sign On (SSO) was implemented with an Active Directory to streamline the sign-in process. Traction on Demand secured just-in-time provisioning of SFDC users with a custom Content Management System (CMS) implemented on Salesforce. A single Salesforce custom object was created with multiple record types to tailor the data that is displayed based on the type of user that requires access. Records were rendered as VisualForce pages to ensure that all of their branding is consistent and attractive. APEX classes drive the dynamic content and publishing functionality, allowing the company to update their content without an excessive technical cost. Responsive CSS provides a seamless mobile experience, allowing users to access the site regardless of the device they are using. Nested mobile navigation was also implemented to ensure high-quality navigation for mobile devices.

Project results

The site was rolled out to 3,000 employees across 50 stores after only four weeks. Within the first five days since its activation, it achieved 50% penetration with very little change management. The project was deployed without any in-person training and employees were able to use the new functionality with ease. The site developed into a hub of engagement between employees, ensuring that their temporary holiday workers were up to speed and trained before commencing work. Although available on a desktop computer, the site’s development and design are optimized for mobile usage. This makes the site more user-friendly as their employee base connects mainly through their mobile devices. Increased engagement from both temporary and full-time employees has been recorded.

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