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Empowering Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s 1.7 million members with MyClubHub

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Transforming operations with innovative technology to help build more relationships and focus on mission.

Most people have heard of Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), and are well aware of the immeasurable impact they have — enabling young people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. However, what’s lesser known is the huge amount of manual, laborious tasks required to operate their 4,700 Clubs that serve over 4.6 million kids and teens across America.

Our teams, whose passion lies with helping kids, were constantly getting bogged down with stacks of paperwork.Jacky Noden, Sr. Director, Product at Boys & Girls Clubs of America

According to Jacky Noden, Sr. Director, Product at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, an overhaul to their existing Club management system was long overdue. “Many Clubs are still heavily reliant on paper-based administration. From parents having to fill in paper applications, to staff using clipboards to sign in hundreds of kids daily, our teams whose passion lies with helping kids, were constantly getting bogged down with stacks of paperwork.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America operates under a federated model, meaning each of their Clubs operate independently. This resulted in a variety of operational tools, solutions, platforms and systems across the country. “Our Clubs were looking for a standardized management platform,” said Jacky. “Each location was experiencing similar pain points and user frustrations, and our constituents are increasingly expecting a more seamless, user-friendly experience. We knew a nation-wide solution was needed to support staff and to better serve kids.”

MyClubHub: A solution by Clubs for Clubs

In March 2021, BGCA announced their partnership with Traction on Demand, Traction Rec, and Salesforce to develop MyClubHub, a Universal CRM solution served to unify Club locations. The purpose was to streamline operations and transform the organization’s Club management system, alleviating administrative pain points to allow more time spent with kids, families and communities.

MyClubHub features:

  • Nation-wide membership management
  • Streamlined program enrolment and execution
  • Donor, relationship and fundraising management
  • Financial support, including program payments and payment plans
  • Real-time reporting and analytics at both the local and national level, with improved access and security

“It just makes sense to use a program that is formulated specifically for Boys & Girls Clubs. Other programs will not be able to tailor the experience to us in the same way,” adds one of the Club users. “The support team and system that comes with MyClubHub is worth it by itself, and the training is unmatched. The modules are tailored to the club user and laid out in a way that makes sense to them as Boys & Girls Club staff. No matter how good another program is - the fact that it has not specifically been tailored to the needs of a Boys & Girls Club will always mean they are lacking and thus making our jobs that much harder.”

Strong communication, record-breaking implementation

In order to support MyClubHub and facilitate the needs of BGCA sites country-wide, Traction on Demand worked as the implementation partner to deliver a comprehensive Salesforce solution. It included Traction Rec, the Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce Elevate, and a number of other integrations. The technical complexity of the project required strong long lines of communication within the partnership and ToD deployed a universal CRM at the record-breaking speed of nine months.

In these first nine months, BGCA deployed their Universal CRM solution to


55 Clubs


350 locations

with more than

2500 users.

New Clubs are onboarded in less than 90 days. On average, 5 Clubs are onboarded per week, with an expected total of 195 Clubs to be on-boarded by the end of 2022.

By delivering these products and implementations on time and on budget, ToD and Traction Rec were able to help BGCA transform their operations and increase time for mission-building work with best in class technology.

Helping more communities get the support they need

Reflecting on the 2021 pilot release of MyClubHub, the implementation teams behind the project are most proud of the far-reaching impact the platform is making on BGCA staff and constituents. And MyClubHub users are feeling the benefits too–the average rating for customer satisfaction of the MyClubHub system, implementation, and support is 4.5/5. When MyClubHub is rolled out across Clubs, 1.7 million members will be impacted through online engagement opportunity and will have more time to build relationships with Boys & Girls Club staff.

Not only will Clubs be able to spend more time with constituents, MyClubHub will make Clubs safer and give parents a seamless online experience.

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