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Driving sales and service excellence at Dicom

How Dicom is increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction with Salesforce

Dicom has offered business-to-business delivery services (parcel, freight, and logistics) in Canada and the US since 1968. With more than 105 locations, Dicom has the largest and fastest private shipping network in Quebec and Ontario.

Dicom was limited by its legacy system because all its company data was siloed on different platforms. Traction on Demand implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to create a centralized system that would make it easier and faster for sales representatives and customer service agents to access customer data and assist their customers.

Project challenges

  • Redundancy of information and increased manual work: The legacy system, made up of aging data warehouses (AS400 and Progress) were completely siloed, creating redundancy of information and increased manual work for the sales and service teams
  • Wasted time and effort due to the legacy system not being user-friendly. It was made up of multiple systems, like external Excel sheets, which sales reps had to wade through. This also increased the potential to completely lose track of key accounts, leading to lost business.
  • Poor accountability and visibility due to a lack of centralized tasks and processes. Furthermore, account transfers had numerous knowledge gaps.
  • No way to measure progress and efficiency since there was no way to collect analytics. This made it virtually impossible to forecast the sales pipeline.
  • Lack of common platform to store important data and documents: This made it difficult for team members to collaborate on accounts.
  • Inadequate customer experience leading to potential lost revenue: With no centralized system to house company data, there was no efficient way for Sales and Service to “talk” to each other. This led to delays in the customer service cycle and decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Users had no independence, with no self-service options available to reps and agents to help themselves.

Project solutions

Traction on Demand implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and integrated the company data from the legacy system:

  • All company/contact information
  • Weekly summary of shipments
  • 30 days worth of invoices and invoice line items

The Sales solution included:

  • Consolidated Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities
  • Shipment summaries and commissions
  • Drag and drop reports and dashboards

The Service solution included:

  • Streamlined and standardized case processes within a single interface
  • Pickup/tracing/supply/spot quote (rate)/technical support/invoice/claim requests
  • Small account sales (discount accounts)

This also included:

  • Email and web channels into Salesforce giving the ability to email and chat directly from Salesforce
  • Omni-Channel in Service Cloud which allows multiple cases to be sent through to a support agent at a time. As they close off one case, another one comes through the queue, meaning that they are always working on three cases at a time. This prevents agents from “cherry picking” cases.
  • Knowledge and Chatter for collaboration between reps/agents, team leads and supervisors.
  • Reporting and dashboards with on-demand and scheduled options in a drag-and-drop fashion. Dicom can easily report on case resolution efficiency, agent productivity and measure self-service utilization (use of Knowledge articles). Mobile-friendly (iOS and Android).
  • Request system to collaborate with warehouses on lost packages and other inquiries using Service Cloud case management and case record types within Salesforce.

Project results

  1. Sales reps had the background information they needed on each customer on one screen. They could now focus on providing great customer service instead of wasting time trying to find out where customer history information lived.
  2. Better customer support: Now, a customer service agent goes into a call with a 360-degree view of the existing customer. This results in a personalized experience that can be handled in a shorter period of time.
  3. Less frustration for reps and agents: With customer data more readily available, agents have all the info they need to go into a case confidently.
  4. Empowered sales reps and customer service agents: Due to access to Knowledge, which allows reps and agents to create and share information with each other. This has also led to faster onboarding of new reps and agents.
  5. More opportunity for sales: Customer service can now easily share data with sales, allowing for follow up and future sales opportunities.
  6. Better strategic decision-making as a result of well documented processes that include more analytics and reporting overall.

Project commentary and insights from Kirk Serjeantson, Chief Information Officer, Dicom

"Data is all about making intelligent decisions. The days of gut-feel management are gone and we're more into the science of decision making. That only happens with the right data at your fingertips and giving that back to an executive so they can make the right decisions about the business in a very short period of time.

The biggest advice I can offer is to plan properly. Make sure you set your vision and build that out over a period of time and work towards it. It'll always change. It will change as new technologies come on, as projects complete, but finding the right partner to come in and help you manage that technology and manage that change is essential to being successful."

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