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DLL Anywhere and OnDemand

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How one global financing organization is enriching interactions by embracing digital experiences

DLL is a global vendor finance company that provides asset and technology based financial solutions in the Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Office Equipment and Technology industries. The company partners with equipment manufacturers and dealers to provide financial solutions at the point of sale, which facilitate the sales process and enable end customers to easily acquire equipment, technology and software.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise in delivering an unparalleled customer experience, DLL continuously focuses on building new and innovative ways to empower their global workforce and further transform their products and services. To meet the ever-changing needs of the many diverse industry sectors and channels where they operate, DLL strives to deliver easy-to-use online tools and services that are available on-demand and anywhere.

Putting customer experience at the forefront

Driven by a customer-centric design thinking approach, and underpinned by data, architecture and the transformative power of Salesforce, DLL has ambitious plans to further enable commercial growth, drive operational efficiencies and create amazing experiences for its manufacturer partners, dealers and end customers.

Unified systems to achieve a common approach

To deliver a world-class digital experience for partners and customers, DLL knew they had to invest in and optimize their operational processes and systems. DLL engaged with Traction on Demand (ToD) with a vision of creating a global template for Salesforce that would help them realize a common and unified business process for their marketing, sales, service and analytics teams. In close collaboration, DLL and ToD built a plan to address some of the following opportunities:

  1. Building a collective view of their customers by unifying on one global Salesforce org with an integrated system approach. Due to the complex nature of DLL’s business, achieving a 360-degree view of their manufacturer partner, dealer and end-customer was challenging, often resulting in frustration for employees and at times, frustration for customers.
  2. Delivering enhanced reporting and analytics by strengthening data quality, governance, and architecture. DLL’s rapid global growth resulted in operating as a collection of independent country-based entities, which sometimes created siloed processes, reporting and customer experiences.
  3. Enhancing DLL’s customer and partner experience. As DLL looked to improve their internal reporting and align their sales, marketing, and service processes, they also recognized the need to deliver an enhanced experience to their partners and customers.
We’ve built a true partnership; one in which ToD and DLL have partnered and collaborated, leveraging an agile approach Mat Moore, DLL Global Head of CRM

“We engaged Traction on Demand to assist in shaping the vision, solution design, and delivery of a multi-year CRM, sales, and customer experience digital transformation journey. We’ve built a true partnership; one in which ToD and DLL have partnered and collaborated, leveraging an agile approach - wherein we all contribute to the picture of our transformation goals, design and deliver the work to get there.”

– Mat Moore, DLL Global Head of CRM

Partnering to deliver a multi-cloud global digital experience

To truly deliver on DLL’s vision, the team underwent a multi-cloud, multi-stream, and multi-year engagement to implement and optimize the Salesforce platform with the following six solutions:

  • Building APIs for seamless integration and access: DLL has invested in an API-first strategy to create an effortless integration network for their partners. Collaborating with their global software development architecture layer, ToD assisted in the design for system-wide changes, refining the global account model, integrations design, deployment, and data best practices in order to create an incredible amount of trusted data and connectivity. DLL, their customers, and partners, will be able to easily enter and access data securely across all systems with the click of a button, no matter their location.
  • Bringing together a global sales org with Sales Cloud: To unify DLL’s sales organization into one global platform, a Global Sales Org data model was implemented. This new Salesforce org was constructed to create a seamless user experience and improved reporting and analytics to help drive data-driven decision making.
  • Delivering exceptional experiences with Service Cloud: DLL with the support of ToD, launched Salesforce’s Service Cloud in order to align all global customer service teams and processes. This provides DLL with an enhanced 360-degree view of their customers and improved reporting capabilities to efficiently manage, iterate, and enhance the customer and partner experience. DLL also introduced Salesforce's Einstein Bot to enhance their service offerings; allowing customers and partners to utilize self-service tools when possible.
  • Making data-driven decisions with Einstein Analytics (Tableau CRM): By unifying Sales, Marketing and Service on the Salesforce platform, DLL is able to create and report on a single source of truth using Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics). Introducing enhanced analytics allows them to report on and analyze their customer 360 data, both from a departmental level, and on a global scale, for increased visibility into their customer needs.
  • Creating connected experiences for partners and vendors with Experience Cloud: To create an unmatched customer experience, a responsive and customizable partner portal is being created to connect all vendor partners and their dealers with DLL, ultimately enhancing engagement, collaboration and productivity. Built on Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, the portal empowers vendor partners and their dealers to capture the information required to quote, book and fund a new financial services agreement with end customers within DLL global standards.

    A human-centric design approach was used in developing the partner portal. This approach will help drive full adoption and engagement with partners and customers by focusing on how the system's layout and functionality supports the end-user’s needs.
  • Understanding customer journeys with Marketing Cloud: To provide their customers with targeted and strategic communication, ToD provided guidance around leveraging Marketing Cloud. Creating a better understanding of their customer’s digital footprint allows DLL to manage micro-moments of engagement to not only understand, but anticipate their customer’s needs, ultimately showcasing their dedication to creating a customer-first experience.

Powering people and products

DLL’s customer-centric digital focus will create an unprecedented customer experience, prioritizing the customer via a seamless, simple and hassle-free journey.

This is a massive win for DLL as we move towards achieving our strategic goals.

"This is a massive win for DLL as we move towards achieving our strategic goals. Not only have we created efficiency for our Customer Service team, but this system is also linked with our Sales Cloud CRM bringing yet another perspective to our 360-degree view of the customer.”

— Mat Moore, DLL Global Head of CRM

This multi-cloud, multi-stream initiative has opened the door for consistent processes across each line of business. This fresh, unified perspective allows DLL to focus on delivering a superior customer, partner and dealer experience, offering even more effective financing solutions than ever before.

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