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Building visibility and scale with Huber


How Huber Engineered Materials is leveraging Salesforce to drive customer intimacy and collaboration across many global departments and lines of business

Huber Engineered Materials (Huber) has become a global leader in industrial chemical manufacturing by setting client and industry standards through a diverse product set and reliable service and delivery. The specialty ingredients delivered by Huber help enhance the performance, appeal and processing of products in industrial and consumer-based applications thanks to their emphasis on superior engineering.

“Combining imagination, inspiration and innovation, we enhance the performance of thousands of consumer and industrial products around the world.” —Huber Engineered Materials

“We’d been using our existing system for over 15 years; it fit like a well-moulded but tattered baseball glove. For Traction on Demand to come in with a fresh glove and make it fit even better was truly impressive.” Greg Gongola, Huber Engineered Materials

End-to-end innovation

The Huber team had been working within the same customer relationship management (CRM) platform for over 15 years. As an organization committed to the continuous improvement of their products, Huber was looking to align their customer-first approach with their backend systems.

When the Huber team first reached out to Traction on Demand, they were experiencing the following challenges with their legacy CRM:

  • No Mobile Access: The Huber team was unable to enter data or documentation into their existing CRM during site visits, causing the process to become an afterthought to be completed later at home or in the office. As a result, Commercial Directors lacked real-time visibility into the activities performed throughout the course of an opportunity.
  • Integration limitations: Their existing system was unable to efficiently integrate with many of Huber’s core systems such as Oracle. This was resulting in inefficient operations, disjointed teams and growing user frustration.
  • No single source of truth: The legacy CRM system grew complex and was technically challenging to upgrade and support. Teams had no real-time access to important customer information and found the search features difficult, cumbersome and unreliable.
  • Disconnected environment: Due to their more traditional client server architecture, site teams were operating offline and could only update their systems hourly, at best. This manual support required a heavy lift from IT teams.

Building solutions of scale

To streamline operations and drive collaboration, Huber partnered with Traction on Demand, to create a mobile-first, scalable solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing core systems. The Traction on Demand team implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, Traction Complete and performed a comprehensive data migration:

The Traction on Demand team made time to understand our processes and preferences, and worked hard to preserve our existing user experience, while transforming our CRM into a scalable solution.Greg Gongola, Huber Engineered Materials
  • Sales Cloud: With Sales Cloud, Huber can now conduct collaborative sales across lines of business and customer support all in one platform. A custom Lead-to-Opportunity process was implemented to enable their sales team and the mobile-friendly platform can be used to enter data and documentation on-site via their mobile devices.
  • Oracle Integration via Mulesoft: Through Mulesoft, the project teams integrated Salesforce with Oracle ERP to transform Salesforce into the single source of truth by providing on-the-go access to order data.
  • Traction Complete: Alongside D&B Optimizer, the project teams implemented Traction Complete which enables Huber to respond more quickly to new leads and prevent company record duplication.
  • Traction Hierarchies: Provides better visibility of corporate trees, helping to identify opportunities to expand existing accounts. can see visit reports, sample requests, contacts as well as opportunities across large global companies easily.

Fits like a glove

Platform adoption

Since implementing Huber’s Salesforce instance, leadership has seen almost 100 percent user adoption on the platform. The intuitive user experience meant teams were able to rapidly learn the solution and start seeing noticeable results within weeks of the go-live.

Streamlined customer support

Huber teams have noticed an increase in sales efficiency and customer support capabilities, with users being able to act on leads, complete customer setups, communicate and process credit/debit requests all within the one solution.

Scalable processes and systems

Offline and email-based processes are now all in Salesforce, reducing risk and potential loss of data. With 99% of custom functionality delivered declaratively, the Huber team can maintain and scale their system without the burden of custom code.

Enhanced collaboration and single source of truth

With all account activities now captured in Salesforce at the office or on-site through the mobile application, the Huber team can leverage a single source of truth to more effectively collaborate across departments and lines of business. Whether they’re looking for order information or interactions between an account and another department or line of business, end-users at Huber have the data they need to collaborate through strategies like ‘better together’ selling.

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