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    How Surrey Honda geared up their customer experience

    How Surrey Honda is leveraging Sales Cloud to increase activity management and customer nurturing

    Surrey Honda, BC’s fastest-growing dealership, was faced with a common business challenge: they had no visibility into sales and sales activity and little ability to segment prospect and customer data to nurture relationships. The owner and GM’s goal was to be able to “sit on the patio at the lake and look at a dashboard to know what is going on back at the dealership at any given time.” In addition to being a salesman, the owner is a true marketer. He understands the value of nurturing relationships and the importance of being able to understand the customer. “It’s all about the data,” has been repeated throughout the Salesforce and Traction sales-cycle, implementation and adoption of the system.

    Project challenges

    • Surrey Honda sells new and used Honda vehicles of all models including Fit, Civic, Accord, Insight, CR-V, Element, Pilot, Odyssey and Ridgeline. In addition to direct vehicle sales, Surrey Honda also has a significant automotive services discipline that performs both warranty and general repair and maintenance services.
    • Surrey Honda leverages a variety of media to attract net-new clientele. This primarily consists of radio across the Lower Mainland’s top three radio stations, website inquiries and traditional print media.
    • Honda had access to customer data from a number of sources including their own Dealer Management System [DMS], the BC Honda Dealers Association (regional) and Honda Canada (National). There was no consolidated place to present this data in a way that would allow both sales and marketing to leverage it.
    • Honda was looking for a way to manage their marketing data in a way that would allow them to segment and action on customer and prospect information.

    Project solutions

    • Traction implemented the Salesforce platform for both the sales and marketing groups. This allowed both teams to build profiles, capture information, log activities and ultimately give them a 360-degree view of each person that they engage with.
    • The solution provides the ability to report on marketing activities, lead status and ultimately ROI on marketing efforts.
    • Traction created custom objects, workflows and triggers and a number of custom processes to simplify the capture of data from both the customer (forms) and the sales rep (Salesforce User Interface).

    Project results

    Results with Sales Cloud have been overwhelmingly positive:

    • Activity management for reps has increased following the project.
    • Segmentation and targeting capabilities have also been enhanced for the marketing team. Management now has the ability to report on sales activities, offering them greater insights and strategic decisions are better as a result.
    • Sales and marketing can nurture relationships, improving their effectiveness in bringing in new business. Customers are receiving better service with follow-up activities being more accountable.
    • Over a three-day period, 100% of Surrey Honda's active users logged in each day.
    • Users are tracking all sales-related activities, with some logging up to 350 tasks in a single month.
    • Surrey Honda is now the fastest-growing dealership in the province.
    One opportunity we discovered during the project was the ability to capture data on a person's trade-in vehicle...we can now offer that information to the used car reps and can now have a reason to call the prospect.Nasir Kamrudin, General Manager, Surrey Honda

    Full note from Nasir Kamrudin, General Manager of Surrey Honda

    “One opportunity we discovered during the project was the ability to capture data on a person's trade-in vehicle. If a person has a specific brand, year, make and/or model to trade and we capture that at the first engagement, we can now offer that information to the used car reps. Someone calls or comes in looking for a Nissan Pathfinder and we have a prospect with this vehicle as a trade. We now have a reason to call the prospect, a buyer for his car and we can take a lower margin on the used car as we do not have it on the lot and we are gaining a new car sale our of the deal.”

    You can take your customer insights to the next-level with Salesforce