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Brampton Brick stacks up on Sales and Service Cloud solution

How Brampton Brick is improving quoting, price management and customer service with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Brampton Brick Limited is an integrated masonry and landscape products company providing a comprehensive range of clay brick, concrete masonry and concrete landscape products from One Trusted Source. Brampton Brick is Canada’s second largest manufacturer of clay brick, serving markets in Ontario, Quebec and the Northeast and Midwestern United States from its brick manufacturing plants located in Brampton, Ontario and near Terre Haute, Indiana. To complement the clay brick product line, the Company also manufactures a range of concrete masonry products, including stone veneer products marketed under the Stoneworks trade name and concrete window sills. (Source: LinkedIn)

Project challenges

One of Brampton Brick's greatest challenges lay in their quoting process. Brampton Brick lacked an existing quoting and custom discounting approval process. With more than 3000 Pricebooks, Brampton Brick required custom pricing for each customer. The custom and detailed method of pricing was resulting in a number of significant pricing errors that required a surplus of time and money to resolve on a regular basis. Brampton Brick also needed to address issues with their price management. Tiered Pricebooks had become their new process but there was no way to manage changes and finding products was difficult within this system. In addition, the pricelist generation process is manual, slow and never finished in time for annual price changes. Brampton Brick also wanted mobile access to products and prices. These issues were leading to challenges in customer service. Brampton Brick lacked real-time access to the information that they needed to service customers (including product location, backlog, credit information, allocations and others). Without consolidated service knowledge, Brampton Brick experienced difficulty in onboarding new employees and standardizing their customer experience.

Project solutions

To address the issue of quoting, Traction implemented a tiered pricebook structure within Sales Cloud (while reducing the number of Pricebooks to fewer than 300). Performing an integration between Brampton Brick's resource planning software and Salesforce offers better awareness around products and Pricebooks. Salesforce quotes were configured along with a tailored process that was optimized for construction and Account-specific pricing. In addition, an approval process was configured to ensure that all discounting and special pricing is accurate and approved. Pricing tier approvals were configured to better manage price changes. With Conga Merge, pricelists are beautiful and retain their complexity and suitability to various situations. With a custom Salesforce1 mobile app, sales reps can now look up pricing on the go. A web service integration with Brampton Brick's enterprise resource planning software was performed so that real-time production data, customer allocations and inventory checks can all be found within Service Cloud. An enhanced batch integration was also performed, enriching the number of details captured within Order records. Custom components within Service Cloud's service console were implemented to tie all of these integrations together. Employees now have an easier on-boarding process too, as a Knowledge base has been implemented with centralized learnings (including Salesforce training).

Project results

This project has had a quantitative impact on Brampton Brick. Since implementing Salesforce, pricing errors have decreased by 3-5%. They have also gained visibility into the patterns and behaviours behind discounting. Opportunity cost is now standardized, and the sales team is on the same page. With all of their processes standardized, Brampton Brick has seen a significant efficiency boost in their sales processes.

They clearly demonstrated expertise in the manufacturing industry as we overcame common CRM manufacturing hurdles with their pre-built solution in the first meeting.Elliot Bender, VP of Sales & Marketing, Bampton Brick

Full note from Elliot Bender, VP of Sales & Marketing, Bampton Brick

"Traction has been an incredible business partner on our recent Salesforce Project. They clearly demonstrated expertise in the manufacturing industry as we overcame common CRM manufacturing hurdles with their pre-built solution in the first meeting. Like many manufacturing organizations experiencing growing pains, our legacy systems had become a hindrance to growth. This solution modernized sales processes by streamlining and organizing the multiple teams in the inquire-to-order process and reducing pricing errors. Now we’re working on the next phase. At Brampton Brick, we are committed to driving innovation throughout the company, and Traction is integral to enabling that vision."

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