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Haws boosts online activity and Marketing ROI with Pardot

How Haws is generating 15% more requests for quotes with Pardot forms

Haws has been working to improve health and safety across the world for more than one hundred years. They are a provider of hydration, safety and tempering solutions such as water fountains and eyewash stations. With more than 8000 distribution locations worldwide, Haws devotes a good deal of their efforts to online sales and they have a robust product catalogue available on their website. While Haws had previously implemented Salesforce, they recognized that their marketing automation system, Eloqua, was not delivering quality data to Salesforce. Haws turned to Traction on Demand to develop a solution leveraging Pardot that would allow for full integration between sales and marketing systems.

A disconnect between sales and marketing

Haws had been working with the Eloqua platform to capture all inbound form submission data from their website — when customers navigated to a product page and requested a quote, they would fill in forms that were collected in Eloqua. Once this lead data was captured, however, it was not accurately syncing within Salesforce. While marketing data was not reliably provided to the sales team, data that was collected by sales was also not syncing from Salesforce to Eloqua. This disconnect was aggravated by Eloqua's inability to effectively qualify prospects or integrate with Haws' digital advertising channels, so sales were receiving unqualified leads from marketing and the entire team lacked insight into the ROI for their demand generation campaigns.

Fully integrated

To optimize communication between platforms, Traction on Demand implemented Pardot (allowing marketing and sales data to sync fully between Pardot and Salesforce) and integrated all digital demand generation channels with Salesforce. Traction on Demand configured Pardot forms, with the Request for Quote form offering particularly high value to Haws. The form collects URL data so that Haws is able to easily recognize what product types the prospect is interested in (drinking products or safety products) for more accurate segmentation.

Communicate and collaborate

Whether customer data is accessed within Pardot or Salesforce, it is clean and holistic, ensuring that sales and marketing are fully informed and working collaboratively. With Pardot's robust lead qualifying capabilities, marketing is ensuring that only qualified leads are passed off to sales.

With Pardot, our marketing team can test and compare the success of different digital demand gen channels (e.g., PPC vs. email vs. webinars) in a single source of truth,Ariel Castro, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Haws

[quote continued] “That enables improved marketing funnel performance, lower cost per user acquisition and higher marketing dollar ROI.” Haws are experiencing tangible results in the volume of website activity (15% increase in Requests for Quote), the accuracy of the email campaigns (98% average email delivery rate) and the number of prospects they can market to (30% increase in mailable email database in Q1 2018).

Better connect your internal teams and get more ROI