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How BlackBerry expanded to Salesforce Service Cloud

How BlackBerry reinvigorated their case management system with Service Cloud

BlackBerry is a mobile-native software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry Secure software provides the embedded intelligence for the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things can thrive.

Today’s BlackBerry is a software company with a standard of security for managing the network of mobile and wearable devices, desktops and laptops, and other endpoints within enterprises. In addition to developing and providing applications, our BlackBerry Secure platform enables enterprises and independent developers to create applications for smartphones, medical devices, connected cars, consumer appliances and industrial machinery, and much more. The result is a secure Enterprise of Things where enterprise customers can transform their organizations for 360-degree secure mobility and have complete confidence in their endpoint management. (LinkedIn)

Already on Sales Cloud, Blackberry's development team turned to Traction on Demand for help when they realized they needed to make changes to their customer service systems.

Project challenges

BlackBerry had previously been using an RET case management system, which had been heavily customized causing it to become very slow and cumbersome (BlackBerry service agents were doing more work to get the data they needed).

As BlackBerry's processes were focused around their RET system, they needed the functionality of their legacy case management system (queuing and routing cases, reporting, etc.) to be consolidated and revised for Service Cloud. The case management system was inefficient because each service agent had to look at multiple lists of cases, lacking an efficient way to prioritize urgent cases. In addition to the RET case management system, BlackBerry had a separate knowledge base that needed to be consolidated into Salesforce. As BlackBerry had integrated all of their software into their RET case management system, it either needed to be integrated with Salesforce or abandoned entirely. The main objective for BlackBerry in this project was to fundamentally change the way they did work and build new systems that would support the change management of the project.

Project solutions

Traction on Demand implemented an instance of Salesforce Service Cloud and configured and customized it for BlackBerry's business processes. An emphasis was placed on streamlining case assignments to help service agents work more efficiently. Traction on Demand added a “Get Next” quick action, allowing service agents to move between cases with ease. With custom case assignment rules each service agent had skills associated with them that would determine which cases they were assigned. Specific language or Knowledge requirements in a case would factor into which agent was then assigned to that case. This reduced the administrative burden for managers, who no longer needed to spend time assigning cases manually.

BlackBerry's old knowledge base was migrated into Service Cloud Knowledge, allowing service agents to access all Knowledge directly within Salesforce. Time tracking customizations were also configured to allow BlackBerry to capture better time-related metrics. An OST (Owner, Status, Time) Logger provides better intelligence into how BlackBerry's operations are running. Traction on Demand added a Request quick action, with built-in workflow that allows agents to request help on a particular case. The request can go into the queue, making them easier to manage than tasks. Email to Case is a standard Salesforce component that was heavily customized to better fit BlackBerry's requirements.

Project results

With all operations now on, Blackberry has greatly enhanced their efficiency. Customer information is all in one place, managed within a single system. Everything from the legacy RET system has been migrated to Service Cloud, so all case management now takes place within Salesforce.

Service agents are able to leverage the faster more efficient case management system. They can move from case to case more easily, with assignments that are suitable for their skill-sets. It is easier for them to ask for help as well, and overall they are working faster, smarter and happier!

Get effective case management with Service Cloud