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Transforming ALDO's service operations with Salesforce Service Cloud

Call centers to 360-degree customer support centers

As one of the largest shoe retailers worldwide, ALDO is continually looking for ways to innovate their service and sales processes. With thousands of service calls performed daily, ALDO recognized an opportunity to re-engage past customers by enabling their call center reps and turning them into sales support reps. To make this initiative a reality, ALDO needed the right technology, set of supporting tools and access to 360 degree customer data.

Getting data-driven

Salesforce engaged Traction in the presales cycle to prepare a solution for ALDO on the Service Cloud platform.

Armed with the insight and data of how ALDO interacts with customers on a daily basis, their internal processes and the services they offer, Traction then developed a data model within Salesforce that allows ALDO to pull relevant behavioural customer information from external sources; these include transactional data from their POS and e-commerce systems, social insights from Radian6 and data from their enterprise data warehouse.

All of this data was then consolidated into a single human record providing service agents a 360 degree customer view. This data included customer's purchasing preferences like their style and colours of choice, their recency and frequency of purchase, their store location preference and other elements that helped the service agent re-engage them in the sales cycle.


Salesforce Service Cloud has now been fully rolled out to the ALDO Customer Service team. Agents can now fully service customers from any inbound channel (web, email, phone, text, chat) for products in any of ALDO's multiple brand lines.

ALDO agents are now equipped with the tools, technology and data needed to re-engage past customers and increase their lifetime value. In fact, on the first day of implementation, ALDO closed over 1600 cases and saw 100% adoption of the platform. From discovery through rollout, the entire program was implemented in just under a year.

Both project teams at ALDO and Traction are thrilled with how the program was completed and the service outcomes. With 175 Service Cloud licenses initially purchased, 7000 licenses purchased three months after the start of implementation and an ET deal in the works, ALDO has future plans for the Salesforce platform.

Service excellence starts here

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