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How is beneficial to the manufacturing industry?

June 26, 2020By

As localities continue along their path to reopening, many companies are facing challenges around safely reintroducing workers into the physical workplace. With these challenges in mind, Salesforce has launched its platform — a suite of solutions designed to help organizations reopen safely and efficiently.

The manufacturing industry, however, has faced the unique challenge of continuing on-site operations throughout the pandemic. This reality may cause manufacturers to discount the value of a solution such as, as they’ve already been actively protecting their workforce for months.

However, COVID-19 isn’t a short-term concern — but one that requires long-term, sustainable solutions to protect people and drive new ways of operating across all industries.

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In this article, we’ll explore key areas and solutions that manufacturers should be considering as they look to build a long-term, sustainable workplace management approach for their organization.

Secure and robust data collection

Capturing and managing relevant data is the foundation of a successful workplace management approach.

By collecting individual health data (i.e. health and risk screenings) and information about personnel entering and exiting the workplace, organizations can effectively monitor and respond to COVID-19 exposures. Furthermore, by managing this data on a robust digital platform, organizations are readying themselves for any future requirements to support emerging regulatory standards.

Manufacturing solutions:’s Employee Wellness Check combined with facility access tracking through Traction Guest, can provide manufacturers with a secure platform to capture and understand COVID-19 exposure within your workforce and facilities. As much of the data collected pertains to individuals and could contain personal health and privacy information, the platform operates within a separate instance of Salesforce.

Facility planning

Shifts are a natural part of any manufacturer’s overall workforce plan. However, with the presence of COVID-19, staggered arrival times and site capacity modelling must go beyond standard practices. Additionally, these concepts should extend to office workers as they begin returning to the physical workplace.

Manufacturing solutions:’s Shift Management and Planning app allows organizations to model site capacity, optimize team schedules and stagger arrival times, ensuring business continuity while avoiding crowding in common areas such as lobbies and elevators. This solution provides the ability to prioritize specific employees, functions, or projects and execute shift plans by enabling employees to specify availability and confirm schedules.

Transparency and feedback

COVID-19 has brought about a new paradigm for employee health and safety. Beyond the physical and logistical changes that organizations need to implement, it’s critical that employees have a sufficient understanding of what is being done to ensure their ongoing health and safety. Organizations that cannot provide up-to-date information regarding safety protocols and exposure incidents, run the risk of eroding employee confidence and trust.

Manufacturing solutions:

Manufacturers should seek to leverage summary-level data from platforms such as’s Workplace Command Center to convey facility capacity, wellness screening volumes and any known workplace exposures with their employees as well as external entities, such as unions. By doing so, this instills a culture of transparency and trust that demonstrates to workers that their safety is the top priority.

Organizations should also consider capturing team sentiment data to rapidly identify any team concerns, including health and safety, mental wellness or potential gaps in workplace protocols. Traction on Demand’s latest offering can be integrated into to capture real-time context-sensitive employee sentiment.

Charting a path forward

The path forward will be different for each manufacturer. provides a valuable toolset to prioritize worker safety, pair this with Traction on Demand’s manufacturing best practices, and we’ll help you find innovative solutions to propel your organization into the next normal.

Whatever your way forward, Traction on Demand, Salesforce and are here to support you. To learn more about and our manufacturing solutions, get in touch with one of our experts.

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Whatever your way forward, we're here to help. Learn more about and our manufacturing solutions by talking to our team.

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