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What is

June 08, 2020By
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What is Salesforce’s business reopening solution

So you’ve heard about; but what actually is it? Released on June 1st 2020, Salesforce’s platform is a suite of solutions – including apps, products and resources – that are designed to help organizations and communities reopen workplaces safely and efficiently.

What's new for in 2021?

If we learned one thing from 2020, it's that hybrid work is here to stay! has been updated to help employees stay engaged from everywhere through intuitive self service hubs, automated processes, collaboration tools, and more. The new updates will help you:

  • Boost engagement and productivity
  • Get intuitive self-service and support
  • Automate employee processes with intelligence
  • Support health and wellbeing securely

Read more about their latest updates here.

Pocket Guide to Reopening the Workplace

Ready to reopen?

Who’s for? is designed for any company or community around the world who needs to reopen and recover. You should consider if you’re looking to:

  • Reopen your communities or businesses safely
  • Return to your workplace
  • Reimagine your business
  • Reskill your employees
  • Be prepared to respond to future crisis

What is

Salesforce’s platform solution for reopening the workplace brings new technologies with planning and educational materials to organizational stakeholders tasked with the safe re-integration of physical workspaces and building operations for a new normal. is comprised of seven major components:

  1. The Workplace Command Center
  2. An Employee Wellness Module
  3. Shift Management and Planning Solutions
  4. Contact Tracing Application
  5. MyTrailhead for Workforce Reskilling
  6. Emergency Response Management (ERM) Solutions
  7. Volunteer and Grants Management Solution

The platform is centralized on the Workplace Command Center, where organizational leaders can view, analyze and action critical data pertinent to safely reopening their businesses.

As much of the data collected pertains to individuals and could contain personal health and privacy information, the platform operates within a separate instance of Salesforce.


The new platform is not associated with the historic Rypple social performance technology solution previously acquired by Salesforce and retired in 2015. This was an opportunity to repurpose and rebrand the powerful website URL. workplace command center

A single pane of glass for managing all the complexities of re-opening a business.

Let’s start with your central hub: the Workplace Command Center. This is where the six components of the offering will live – in a single user-friendly, data-rich view.

The Workplace Command Center helps business leaders decide when and how to safely bring employees back to the workplace and, once reopened, monitor ongoing team and office safety. Within the Workplace Command Center leaders can:

  • Manage and monitor employee wellness, training, shift scheduling, and facilities preparedness
  • Trigger workflows, apps, and actions associated with resuming business operations
  • Analyze and act upon data in a single, consolidated view

Workplace Command Center is available as an add-on to the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Platform products.


Do you have proprietary data collected in other systems you’d like to build into the Workplace Command Center? Additional data sources or metrics can be captured and displayed within the Command Center to provide additional value.

Employee wellness check

Gather and monitor health and wellness data.

Survey your workforce to gain wellness data insights by geography and office location along with the overall health status of your workforce in a simple and secure dashboard.

Within the Employee Wellness Check app, employers can:

  • Create and send customized employee health surveys
  • Build automated flows that trigger actions based on employee status
  • Connect with the Workplace Command Canter to view wellness trends


Traction on Demand’s latest offering can be integrated into the Workplace Command Center to capture real-time context-sensitive sentiment to track, measure and analyze how employees feel about their day-to-day activities.

Shift management and planning

Keep workplace density to a minimum by coordinating human movement.

The Shift Management and Planning app allows organizations to model site capacity, optimize team schedules and stagger arrival times, ensuring business continuity while avoiding crowding in common areas such as lobbies and elevators.

Shift Management and Planning allows managers to:

  • Understand safe workplace capacity
  • Specify how many people to allow onsite at a time
  • Schedule shifts, set staggered employee arrival times, and prioritize specific employees, functions, or projects
  • Enable employees to specify availability, view and confirm shifts on their phones and receive work schedule notifications


As one of the three launch partners for, Traction Guest’s visitor management system integrates directly with the Workplace Command Center where you can manage and track site capacity and visitor movement.

Contact tracing

Manually trace potential employee exposure and interactions.

The Contact Tracing app helps identify and track employee and visitor wellness to safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19.

The Contact Tracing App allows business leaders to assess:

  • Individual or team health reports
  • Risks to communities and person-to-person relationship mapping
  • Geographic hotspots


Contact Tracing can be a sizeable investment, in both time and cost. As such, some organizations may choose to leave Contact Tracing to government agencies. However, it’s important to consider your responsibility to communicate with people that may have been exposed while in your office. Contact Tracing can help you rapidly identify who was in the office and efficiently communicate their risk of exposure – protecting not only your employees and customers but also fulfilling your legal obligations as an employer.

MyTrailhead for workforce reskilling

Upskill your employees to meet evolving business needs.

As your organization pivots to meet new business demands, existing roles may change, and you may need to reallocate employees to new jobs or responsibilities.

As part of, myTrailhead provides:

  • A hub for all new workplace policies and procedures
  • Prebuilt content kits with best practices for operations planners, people leaders, and employees
  • Track completion of learning and development tasks


As you consider MyTrailhead for reskilling individuals through your reopening period, think about the long-term opportunities to improve your employee onboarding programs and additional training.

Emergency Response Management (ERM)

Coordinated communications, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management, and recovery planning.

During a crisis, business leaders must move quickly to provide information and guidance. However, in the midst of an emergency, it can be challenging to see beyond the next phone call or email.

The Emergency Response Management (ERM) app provides health and public sector organizations with the tools they need to prioritize and mobilize resources during a crisis such as. Capabilities include:

  • Self-service and digital tools for identifying, assessing, and interacting with patients and citizens
  • Monitor patients remotely and quickly connect them to the right care
  • Utilize contact tracing to track the spread of disease
  • Help agencies increase collaboration, streamline and manage emergency service requests, and prioritize and distribute resources
  • ERM mobile app enables field workers to plan visits, access insights, and track tasks on the go

Volunteer and grants management

Optimize emergency responsiveness with streamlined volunteer and grants management.

Volunteer and Grants Management will help organizations fulfill their relief goals with flexible, scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes.

Volunteer Management and Grants Management are existing products and enable nonprofits to:

  • Coordinate volunteers with automated signups, scheduling, and volunteer outreach
  • Streamline, automate, and analyze grant making
  • Track and report relief program and philanthropic data


If you’re looking to engage with your constituents face-to-face in a safe environment, check out Traction Gather, our virtual events solution built on the Communities platform.

Pricing and availability

All pricing listed is at the rack rate and is subject to change. If interested, we highly recommend you contact Salesforce directly to discuss variable pricing options that meet your needs.

Workplace Command Center and Shift Management

Both expected to be generally available in June 2020. Each is an add-on to Platform Starter with introductory pricing of $5 per user per month. Employee Wellness will be included with Command Center.

Emergency Response Management and Contact Tracing

ERM and Contact Tracing are generally available as of May 2020. This is a suite of existing products, Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Scheduler, and Salesforce Maps, as well as a new product, Emergency Program Management. Emergency Program Management is an add-on to any Health Cloud or Service Cloud license in Enterprise Edition or above priced at $50 per user per month. myTrailhead

These new additions to myTrailhead are generally available in June 2020 and will be included with myTrailhead for Employees, which is priced at $25 per user per month.

So, wait...what is

Do you still have questions about and if it’s the right solution for you? Get in touch with one of our experts who can help you navigate the minefield of the “next normal”.

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Get in touch with one of our experts who can help you navigate the minefield of the “next normal”.

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