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What is Salesforce Vaccine Cloud?

January 27, 2021

Salesforce recently announced Vaccine Cloud, Salesforce’s vaccine management solution built on the Customer 360 platform.

We’re now one year into the global pandemic and vaccines are being rolled out to communities around the world. It’s a huge undertaking with a lot at stake. Vaccine Cloud provides technical support to organizations such as government agencies and healthcare entities tasked with managing the distribution and follow up of the vaccine.

According to Jim Rogers, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Traction on Demand, the success of the global vaccine rollout comes down to how all the pieces align. “The fundamental challenge is, how do we get the right vaccine, in the right place—which is where we’re going to vaccinate—at the right time and in the right quantity to match that need based on priority and population volume,” says Jim.

With billions of people getting set to receive the vaccine, these organizations require an efficient way to handle the logistics of handling inventory, registering and scheduling people for their vaccines, and monitoring them after they’ve received their doses.

What is Vaccine Cloud and what are the key features?

Data and insights: Monitor vaccination progress to help maximize program effectiveness

Streamline processes: Manage inventory, staff training and education, payment and reimbursement, and external communications to communities

Simplified registration and scheduling: Personalize communications for follow-up monitoring and reminder for the second dose

Learn more about Salesforce's Vaccine Cloud here.

Vaccine management

Traction on Demand is already leveraging Vaccine Cloud solutions to help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programs. Additionally, Traction on Demand has developed two Salesforce accelerators designed to help public health agencies and healthcare organizations manage the vaccine rollout.

Traction on Demand’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator is designed for organizations planning, delivering and auditing COVID-19 clinics. The Accelerator applies CDC’s COVID-19 Temporary Clinic Best Practices to a Salesforce-based mobile app, providing organizations with auditable clinic data, critical risk identification, shift tracking, task management, and collaboration.

Traction on Demand’s COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Accelerator

Our Vaccine Registration Accelerator creates a public-facing community to manage the invitation and registration process to assign phases to community members. It leverages campaigns to notify residents of available vaccination events.

Get in touch with a member of our Healthcare & Life Sciences team to learn more about our COVID-19 Vaccine Accelerators.

Next steps

According to Jim, technology is integral in helping solve the challenge of vaccinating on such a large scale, “and Vaccine Cloud is the right solution.”

If you're looking for more information about Vaccine Management solutions, check out Salesforce’s announcement of Vaccine Cloud or get in touch with someone from Traction on Demand's robust Healthcare & Life Sciences practice.

Get started with Vaccine Cloud

Traction on Demand offers a robust Healthcare and Life Sciences practice. Speak to one of our experts to find out more about Vaccine Cloud.

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