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What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

July 28, 2021By
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Salesforce Health Cloud 101

If you ask me which industry has been put under the spotlight over the COVID-19 pandemic, my answer is, without a doubt, healthcare. In the past 15 months, the tremendous pressure on the healthcare system forced the industry to re-evaluate itself and its care model.

On the other hand, as patients, we expect more now from the providers and healthcare systems than ever before. As a result, the patient journey has progressed and is still dynamically changing. With all this transformation and demand happening, the future of healthcare lies in the capability of understanding patients holistically and providing a value-based personalized experience.

Since the launch of Salesforce Health Cloud in 2016, it has empowered numerous industry leaders to transform challenges into opportunities and has provided such capabilities in response to industry trends.

Below, we give a basic overview of Health Cloud to help get you started.

What is Health Cloud?

Built on the Salesforce platform, Health Cloud combines CRM features and industry best practices into one platform where organizations have a centralized system for their operations and management—whether you’re a healthcare or a life sciences organization. It provides a complete view of patients on a unified platform, enabling organizations to evolve from a medical record-focused approach to a patient-centric approach.

If you’re familiar with other Salesforce platforms, you’ll find Health Cloud reasonably simple to use. Besides all the great CRM features, industry-specific data models and features are also available for the Health Cloud users. With its user-friendly interface, no matter if you're new to the Salesforce ecosystem or considering transitioning from traditional CRM to Health Cloud, you’ll find yourself comfortable navigating the platform.

Health Cloud's secret ingredients

Now that we know Health Cloud can transform healthcare organizations to the next generation digital platform, what exactly are the secret ingredients that differentiate it and make it a great choice for healthcare and life science organizations?

  1. Interoperability
  2. More than just a CRM


The core of the patient-focused approach in healthcare is to have a 360-degree holistic view of patients. To achieve that, having interoperability and delivering a connected experience for patients becomes more and more critical.

  • Interoperability: When Health Cloud pulls in data from different integrated systems. Interoperability will combine all of a patient's information into one platform, giving the organization a holistic view of their patients or members.

Healthcare organizations are using electronic health record (EHR) platforms to manage their patient records. However, such platforms are not designed with true interoperability in mind. The difficulty of data exchange and communication has created barriers to unify patient data, streamline patient journeys, and execute care plans cohesively and efficiently.

Salesforce Health Cloud fills that gap in front office and middle office functions by providing that unified view of the patient journeys and making it possible to enhance the patient experience and increase the productivity of these programs. It provides a rich set of data models - for uses such as care management, intelligent sales and provider relationship management - to store and access specialized health information to solve such problems. With the power of integration, you can combine information from multiple data resources to achieve true interoperability. From patient appointments to treatment history, you can seamlessly build a connected patient experience on one single platform.

More than just a CRM

Health Cloud is more than just a CRM. It integrates the power of cloud technology to create an environment that uses specific healthcare terminology to enable everyone in the patient journey—from healthcare team members to patients to payers—all can access critical information at any time accurately and efficiently.

On top of the robust Salesforce CRM features, Heath Cloud blends industry best practices for various types of organizations into technological actions.

  • Providers - Transform patient management by creating a connected and personalized experience throughout every touchpoint, including clinical and outreach activities. Key features are Health Timeline, Care Plan, Care Team, Householding Map, and more. This is incredibly useful for providers looking at targeted patient engagement, care management, and improving patient support.
  • Payers - Adopt digital strategies to engage members in their health journey through a unified Member Success Platform. Transform how health plans sell by revolutionizing how employers, brokers and sales agents execute their work and provide information to their clients. From provider network management to broker portals and much more, payers can achieve their own market-specific approach to balance cost of care, member experience, and network breadth.
  • Medical Devices - Oversee patient experiences and commercial processes through delivering the best possible experiences before, during, and after therapy by building solutions that engage patients, physicians, and partners in new ways. Key features are Intelligent Sales, Sales Agreement Management, Account-based Forecasting, predictive Marketing Forecasting, and more. This ultimately allows for improved sales and services.
  • Biotech / Pharmaceutical - Gain greater patient health insights through personalized patient and HCP experience in a compliant manner. Key features include Guided Program Enrollment, Digital Consent Management, Intelligent Document Automation, and more. This enables pharmaceutical companies to offer better patient support and innovate in specialty programs.

Is Health Cloud the right fit for you?

If you asked me this question 10 years ago, my answer would probably be very different than it is today. Digital transformation is now center stage and is core to business strategies. Health Cloud provides a platform to overlay a digital layer in sales and service operations to transform how patients and other stakeholders are engaged. It also provides a more powerful approach to capturing data about those interactions for continuous improvement. The flexibility of the platform allows it to serve organizations of all sizes, from the early-stage company to global operations spanning multiple continents.

Your journey with Health Cloud

If you’re curious about getting started with Salesforce Health Cloud or how to better utilize your current org in Salesforce, get in touch with our Healthcare & Life Sciences team here at Traction on Demand. Led by Dr. Thotathil, a medical professional and experienced digital health consultant, Traction on Demand has an innovative, passionate team dedicated to Health Cloud with deep expertise in both Salesforce and the healthcare industry. Big or small, we’ll take our 13+ years of multi-cloud experience on the Salesforce platform, with 7,500+ projects completed, and bring innovative solutions and perspectives to your unique project so you can better serve your healthcare community.

We speak more than tech, we speak healthcare.

Our dedicated Healthcare & Life Sciences team includes nurses, doctors, Biopharma Researchers, and even a PhD Analytical Chemist. So we’re ready to help with any healthcare challenge.

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