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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

October 06, 2020By
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In 2020, Salesforce announced Experience Cloud, Salesforce’s Digital Experience Platform built on the Customer360 platform. But what actually is Salesforce Experience Cloud, and why does it look awfully familiar?

We’ve enlisted the help of our in-house expert Hans Vedo, Platform Architect, to give you the rundown of Salesforce’s latest announcement.

Welcome to the next generation of digital experiences

Built on the Salesforce platform, Experience Cloud is a digital platform that helps companies build connected CRM-powered digital experiences. Experience Cloud enables companies to build content in one place and deliver it anywhere; websites, portals, mobile apps and storefronts.

Sound familiar? You aren’t wrong. Experience Cloud is the latest iteration of Salesforce Communities and was announced in conjunction with the release of Salesforce’s Digital 360.

What’s new and why the name change?

Our individual understanding and control over digital experiences has evolved and matured. As systems and organizations moved to the cloud, the focus was on improving and standardizing processes to cut down on expensive and manual edge cases. This standardization simplified business processes, but it also contributed to information overload, as knowledge bases and support forums became flooded with great content. The next iteration of this is how do we make it personal?

How do we leverage the enormous benefits of a standardized process and tailor the experience for every individual?

Enter Experience Cloud: A whole suite of features purpose-built to treat our digital personas like people and speak directly to them. Personalization capabilities that can look at the attributes of a user persona and help surface content most relevant to them. Journey mapping that understands where an individual is in their experience and guide them in their next steps.

Experience Cloud is designed for an individual’s digital experience be they a customer, employee, business partner, patient, volunteer, or student. It merges complex platform processes with a rich understanding of the user, to drive the next generation of our digital experiences.

Salesforce Experience Cloud features

  • Build Community: Provide a responsive and customizable portal where users can easily access articles, update their information, and create and manage cases and claims.
  • Connect with Customers: Empower users by driving customers to self-help features such as a knowledge base, self-service portal or forums.
  • Empower Teams: Create an employee portal to connect remote teams and help drive engagement, collaboration and productivity.
  • Grow Partnerships (PRM): Create a complete channel management solution for you and your partners. Accelerate your sales channels by connecting directly with resellers, distributors, and partners with Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

Experience Cloud customers gain the competitive edge because they have launched fast, connected every experience to data, and tied everything together across a seamless customer journey.

Traction Gather & Experience Cloud: a digital engagement hub

Traction Gather is Traction on Demand’s virtual engagement hub and is built on Salesforce’s Experience Cloud Platform. With Traction Gather, organizations of all shapes and sizes can effortlessly bring their virtual events, live streams, classes, programs, tours, and on-demand content into one digital hub.

By leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud, organizations can use powerful data insights to drive more engagement with customers and constituents alike—wherever they may be.

Experience Cloud & Traction Gather in action

Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland

We recently partnered with Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland (JCC) to help keep their community connected with Salesforce Experiences and Traction Gather.

The solution functions as a fully branded engagement hub, where Mandel JCC members login and access live or pre-recorded fitness sessions. Members are able to interact with group fitness offerings in a way that is tailored to their preferences. They can attend scheduled live sessions or find their favourite instructors within the Mandel JCC’s catalogue of pre-recorded sessions. Read their full story here.

We can now add value to our membership by offering virtual live programming and an extensive library of sessions with instructors that our members know and love.Jill Davidson, Mandel JCC of Cleveland

Boston Partners in Education

In mid-April, amid the COVID-19 crisis and three weeks ahead of their scheduled Big Cheese Reads Gala, Boston Partners in Education connected with Traction on Demand to see if Traction Gather, could help pivot their in-person gala to a virtual event.

With a rapid implementation, and with help from our in-house events team, Boston Partners in Education raised $475K in their first virtual fundraising gala using Traction Gather. Read their full story here.

“Typically, our in-person gala raises 50 per cent of our annual budget. With Traction Gather we actually surpassed our fundraising goal for the night and we’re getting close to achieving our net fundraising goals of almost $500,000. We couldn’t be happier.” Andy Kall, Development Manager, Boston Partners in Education

What’s Digital 360?

Announced last month (alongside Experience Cloud), Digital 360 is Salesforce’s latest innovation to help leaders accelerate growth in the work-from-home world.

Digital 360 is part of the Salesforce Customer 360, which includes apps spanning sales, service, marketing and commerce, across every customer touchpoint. Digital 360 includes:

  • Customer 360 Audiences: A customer data platform for marketers to unify, segment and activate all of their customer data.
  • Commerce Cloud Payments: An out-of-the-box payment solution powered by Stripe.
  • Experience Cloud: Builds CRM-powered digital experiences, fast.

Your journey with Experience Cloud

If you’re looking for a new way to connect your community, engage with your customers and build an online experience like no other, get in touch with one of our Experience Cloud experts. With thousands of completed Salesforce projects and a dedicated Experience Cloud team, we’re here to help transform your digital experience with Salesforce and Experience Cloud.

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