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What is Asset 360?

March 05, 2021

In an earlier blog post, we went over one of Salesforce’s most in-demand products, Field Service Lighting, now renamed to Salesforce Field Service. Salesforce Field Service is a great solution for any company with a mobile workforce and focuses on revolutionizing three main areas of Field Service — streamlined appointment booking for agents, faster and more efficient dispatching of their workforce, and an easy-to-use, offline-capable mobile app for technicians.

We presented a great use case in a fictitious mobile haircutting business, Bustling Barbers. However, Bustling Barbers only sells a service. What if you are a company that installs and services physical products? That company will not only need a Field Service management tool, but also an Asset Service Management tool in order to have a complete solution. Enter Asset 360, a product built by ServiceMax in partnership with Salesforce on the Salesforce Field Service Platform.

Asset 360 knits seamlessly into the Salesforce Field Service solution by giving asset-centric companies the extra functionality they need to be able to visualize and interact with the customer’s asset at a deeper level.

Facing challenges without an asset service management tool

Let’s explore the unique challenges of a fictitious company, All Well Medical Supplies. They sell and service critical medical equipment that ranges from EKG machines to UltraSound machines. It’s imperative they keep their equipment in top shape, so in addition to equipment coming with a factory warranty, customers also frequently purchase extended warranties and service contracts. Many issues their customers face can also be solved remotely, so there are a variety of aspects in play before their Field Service team even gets involved. While Salesforce Field Service has been beneficial for their Field Service team, there are still issues that must be resolved, in order to provide the best service, with the least amount of overhead.

There are several challenges at hand that All Well Medical Supplies currently faces:

  • Time Management - agents are wasting time trying to figure out if a customer’s asset is under warranty and determining the specifics of what the warranty covers.
  • Customer Service - service contracts purchased by customers come in levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum, each providing different Service Level Agreements. If agents are unable to resolve customer issues within a certain time frame, they dispatch a technician to provide onsite assistance, and in some cases, service contracts are being overfilled.
  • Displaced Data - customers may have a combination of warranty and service contracts, so if agents cannot easily access the correct information, service contracts are not being fulfilled, resulting in poor customer service.

All Well Medical needs a solution to erase the chaos and cost of these inefficiencies and to ensure that their customers are being taken care of to the level they are entitled.

How Asset 360 can help your business

To alleviate some of the pain points detailed above, Asset 360 solves all of these problems by packaging together asset-centric automation and a smooth User Experience. With this framework built out already, All Well Medical Supplies can have a custom Asset Service Management solution ready to go much faster, because now all that needs to be decided is how the system should work for their needs specifically. Below is just a small sampling of the power of Asset360.

Service Process Wizard - the Asset

Your users go to the Asset record for all Asset-related information. Let’s pump up the power of that record with a user-friendly “wizard” to guide them with common actions they would take on a customer’s Asset. Your business can customize the actions displayed, but below are some core features companies commonly select.

Creating a case for an issue with an Asset

When a customer flags an issue with one of their Assets, your users create a Case to solve that issue. Once this happens, they spend most of their time on the Case record. Asset 360 also provides a Case wizard, which can be customized with its own set of common actions that would need to be taken. What is housed in this wizard is also customizable to reflect your needs.

Dealing with multiple service contracts or warranties

Remember all the confusion the agents at All Well Medical Supplies experienced when faced with customers who had multiple warranties and service contracts? How do they choose which one applies to the Case they’ve created for the Asset with the issue? Enter the Service Coverage component. This component is displayed directly on the Case record automatically and outlines the Service Coverage (whether it’s a warranty or a service contract) that covers the issue being solved on the Asset, eliminating guesswork.

Although automated, the power to change which service coverage is covering the case can be put back in the hands of your service agent. The agent simply clicks Select Service Coverage to change it and only relevant records are given as choices, solving time management issues around digging through records.

Integrating Asset 360 for your business

Salesforce Field Service is a great tool for any company with a mobile workforce, but for asset-centric companies like All Well Medical Supplies, there is a need for extra functionality that Asset 360 meets. Asset360 has anticipated the unique challenges these businesses face and solved them by building the hard part - the foundation, while leaving it open to be customized to the level that Salesforce customers expect. Together, asset-centric companies like All Well Medical Supplies have a complete solution in Field Service and Asset Service Management.

Implement Asset 360

Get in touch with one of our Salesforce Field Service experts to find out how you can implement Asset 360 within your organization.