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Welcome to Traction University: A look at what to expect in onboarding

October 06, 2021By
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Get ready for five days of meeting awesome Tractionites, learning about our history and how we’re making an impact.

Onboarding at ToD, run by our awesome Traction University (TU) team, is filled with engaging sessions and introductions to a number of awesome Tractionites. It’s not just about explaining IT processes and work perks. It includes learning about Traction Lore and office pranks, and hearing how we make an impact on our employees, clients, and communities. During your five day onboarding you’ll also learn about career development, and see how team members set goals for themselves and the company.

What is Traction University?

Curiosity + Diligence = Education. This is where Traction University lives.

TU is an awesome group of Tractionites who are here to guide new hires through the first week of your new role. They’ll lead you through sessions, help with setup, and answer any questions you may have—from how to best manage your many Slack channels to how to set goals at ToD.

Something you’ll notice during your first week is how welcoming the team is. There are no stupid questions, people are always available to troubleshoot with you, and everyone is keen for a coffee meet and greet.

How ToD is different

A lot of companies want you to “hit the ground running” when starting your new role. While we want you to dive in, we also think it’s more important to let you ramp up, get set up properly, meet new people, and take a second to breathe and take it all in.

TU starts its onboarding on Fridays to avoid those Sunday scaries and give you lots of rest time. Having “First Day Friday” is unique in that you have the whole weekend to get out those jitters and get amped for Monday.

After a full day of learning, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a beer or other beverage, which is why we schedule Mix O'clock at 4pm to allow you to unwind and bond with your new team. Back in the day, Mix o'clock was an in-person event, now virtual it's a little different but still a fun piece of our culture

Our onboarding isn’t just filling out forms, getting set up with IT and then off to the races. There’s a lot more to learn about ToD and your role here before getting started. We’re going to tell you about the causes we support and how we make an impact, but we also want to hear from you.

It’s a two-way street; we want to help you learn, build your career, find the best working schedule for you, and set you up for success. We have a lot of great resources and programs that you can not only utilize but contribute to. During onboarding we take the time to break down all of the awesome aspects of ToD so you can eventually determine where you want to contribute and what you need to succeed.

What to expect from ToD onboarding

Starting a new role can be overwhelming. While you’re going to be taking in a lot of information over the course of your onboarding process, we don’t want you to feel like you’re in it alone or drowning in material. Here’s what we like to cover during week one:

  • Meet great people: Both existing Tractionite and newbies in your cohort. We hope you’ll build the foundation for lots of awesome new relationships.
  • Structure: You will have five days of onboarding with about half of each day consisting of sessions. The remainder of the day will be spent getting your systems up and running, chatting with your team, and any troubleshooting needed. Your manager will also walk you through expectations for learning and taking on tasks during your first three months.
  • No Salesforce experience required: If you don’t come from a Salesforce or consulting background, don’t fret! These sessions are truly for newbies.
  • Lots of learning, listening, and reading: You’ll likely hear the phrase “drinking from a firehose” at least a few times. There certainly is a lot of information but don’t feel like you have to be a ToD expert right off the bat.

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Tips for getting started

Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success in your first week:

  • Don’t suffer in silence: If anything flies over your head or you’re having a technical issue, please ask for help. Tractionites are friendly people who are here to help.
  • Find a buddy: Whether it’s someone on your team who has recently gone through onboarding or another Tractionite in your onboarding cohort (or both!), it's nice to have someone to talk things through with, bounce ideas off of and ask questions. Your manager will also likely set you up with someone on your team to help walk you through your team’s processes.
  • Get organized: When possible, get as set up as possible prior to your start date. This includes organizing your at-home workstation just the way you like it, chipping away at the Workday tasks sent to you by our people team, and maybe even getting your Traction on Demand email ready to go. You’ll feel good starting the week off on the right foot.

Things to look forward to

While we love all the sessions that are a part of Traction University, there are a few that are extra compelling and unique to ToD.

  • Traction Impact: A key part of being a Tractionite is engaging in causes that are important to you! In this session you’ll learn how we can make a difference with Impact at Traction, which has become the north star of all the decisions we make as a community.
  • Office of the CEO: This super fun session is all about great storytelling, so grab your popcorn! The legendary Office of the CEO team will talk about why it’s so fun to work at Traction including Traction Lore, desk pranks and breakthroughs.
  • Your first Huddlecast: Each week, Tractionites from across the globe get together to catch up on what you need to know this week. You’ll hear the latest news from around ToD, see the work we’re doing with our customers and community and get updates on initiatives from The Captain’s Log. This is a special part of Traction’s culture that we think is pretty unique – we’re excited to share it with you.

During onboarding and beyond

If you went through a lengthy interview process, we think you’ll understand why after meeting so many Tractionites in week one. We want to make sure we’re hiring the best people possible – that’s why you’re here! In your first few days, you’ll see that we really mean that. You’re on our team because we think you can add to our culture, and we had the same thought when we hired every other Tractionite.

After your onboarding sessions, the learning continues. You’ll quickly discover that there’s a wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips and that Ada, Traction’s wiki, is your first stop for pretty much everything. When you have a question, try there first, then Slack, and then perhaps Google. If you’re still stuck, a Tractionite will be more than happy to help.

We hope you enjoy onboarding, and are excited to officially be a Tractionite! You might hear from Traction CEO, Greg Malpass and other Tractionites that “this is the destination, not just a stop along the way.”

We hope you finish onboarding feeling like you’ve made the first of many very exciting steps towards your career at Traction. We think this phrase enforces that ToD isn’t just another line on your resume. It’s a career with opportunity to grow and a place where people are valued. We hope that resonates with you after graduating from Traction University. So let’s get started!

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