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Traction’s electric vehicle incentive program and why we did it

April 12, 2016By

While there was nothing in our business plan or mission around environmental impact/footprint, we ended up green. If there is one thing I've learned in my time in business, it is that the long game always wins. The second rule I’ve learned is that when you are afforded the benefit of the doubt, you should take quick stock and earn the privilege bestowed upon you.

So how does a cloud consulting company get intentional about our planet? How do we earn the right to be green? How do we make a difference and inspire change? How do we earn it? I can tell you this. It's one step at a time. Each step, hopefully leading to the action of another.

Last week, I was proud to announce the Traction Electric Vehicle Incentive program. Simply put, Traction will pay for the deposit of a Tesla Model 3 or cover the first $1000 of any other 100% EV for our tenured team. While this may seem like a small step, it is taking operating capital that could be applied to growth and applying that money to sustainable transportation. We are forfeiting growth dollars for the planet.

Why Tesla? Outside of having interactions with Tesla as a customer and having myself been an early customer of Tesla, we believe this is a high visibility and timely statement that our team members can make to demonstrate meaningful change. In addition, we hope to inspire other partners, customers and friends of Traction to be more intentional in their decisions. Recognizing that the greatest vote we hold as North Americans exists within our actions, our conversations and our wallets.

So consider this the next step in Traction's commitment to work with our community of people and organizations to help support the movement towards environmental sustainability. As members of Traction's network and community members of this planet, I hope that anyone who views this post will take a step back and consider what changes you can make in your lives. What compromise will you make for the most important thing, the environment. Yes, it's that important.

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