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TractionForce 2016: find out why metrics are about more than numbers

June 07, 2016By

A great TEDx talk by Cal Harrison of Beyond Referrals was recently brought to our attention by Friend of Traction Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching. The talk – titled “Five billion reasons to change the RFP” – systematically exposes the flawed logic of the RFP process, giving you the ammunition to push back on your next RFP-driven sales opportunity.

This is a timely note from Blair as we are currently mining our own data at Traction on Demand to help us understand what is working for us. While cost of sale (time, money and soul) is the obvious factor that helps us decide which opportunities to go after, it’s not the only one.

At Traction on Demand, we consider a number of things before making the decision to go after an opportunity: ability to execute efficiently, desire for our team members to work with the brand/client, alignment to core values, type of work involved, potential to develop something innovative and the list goes on… Imagine being able to take the pulse of your entire organization, at any time, to find out some of these metrics. Imagine having a dashboard that tells you how engaged your team is. Is the work you are doing fulfilling? Are you happy? Are you successful in your current endeavours? Which clients and projects are you the most effective in working with? Which clients do you find most enjoyable to work with and, conversely, which clients find working with you most satisfying?

Yes – we have these insights on our business. We can use these types of metrics to help us decide what to go after and what to let pass by. Join us at TractionForce to learn more about how we do this and, more importantly, why your organization should be considering these metrics too.

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