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Traction on Demand’s top 10 moments of 2021

December 29, 2021By
image of 2021 with arrows pointing off the page

And just like that, it’s almost 2022!  Wow, a lot can happen in a year, from global expansions, to redefining what work looks like, and even rethinking our social purpose. As the world’s largest dedicated Salesforce implementation partner, we wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the cool things we’ve accomplished, beyond the platform. We’re counting down Traction on Demand’s top 10 highlights of 2021 and giving a sneak peek into what’s to come in the new year…

Traction on Demand's brand refresh

Traction on Demand gets a new look

2021 was a year of change, it also just happened to be the year we celebrated 15 years as a company. The reality is, so much happens in 15 years. You grow up, you change your style, and for us, this meant changing our look with a complete brand evolution. From a redesigned logo, to a new website, and more, we really took the whole “new year, new me” seriously this year.

At its very essence, the brand refresh underscores the creativity and human-centric values of Traction on Demand.Ken McCarty, Executive Creative Director, Traction on Demand

ToD and Trineo logo reveal

Two communities become one: Trineo joins Traction on Demand (ToD)

In September, we welcomed New Zealand based Salesforce implementation partner, Trineo, into our ToD community. This acquisition represented our expansion into new communities across the globe. This is not about growth. It’s about potential. Traction on Demand from day one was designed to be a people first organization, and as a fellow people first and value-based B Corporation, bringing Trineo onboard represented where we’re headed as a company, together.

Collectively, we will drive greater change and impact across the Salesforce ecosystem, empowering our stakeholders and customers to achieve their potential.Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO, Traction on Demand


image of buildings in Winnipeg

Winnipeg expansion: diversifying our workforce

After a country-wide search for the perfect place to open our next office, we were thrilled to announce our expansion into Winnipeg, Manitoba. In partnership with the Government of Manitoba, through the Industry Expansion Program, we will be creating 100 new jobs over the next two years, contributing to the growth of the tech industry in this vibrant city.

“This investment, by Traction on Demand and our government, will create good, new tech focused jobs for Manitobans and contribute to the continued growth of the information, communications and digital technologies sector in our province.” - Jon Reyes, Minister of Economic Development and Jobs, Manitoba Government.


Traction on Demand's office in Nelson, B.C.

Bringing tech jobs to a small town near you

One of our key values is “build community”.  This particular value propelled us to do what very few tech companies do, and open an office in Nelson, B.C. in 2018. This office serves as a tech hub for individuals not only in Nelson, but living in the Kootenays. In 2020, as a result of the pandemic, we had to close our office in Nelson, but don’t worry—this is a celebration story.

As businesses began to open back up, we made the decision to open the doors once again to our Nelson office. In addition to the re-opening of our Kootenay tech hub, we partnered with Selkirk College to provide students with free Salesforce training to help individuals across the Kootenays break into the Salesforce ecosystem. This course runs from November - December of 2021, and participants will get the opportunity to join our team in Nelson, BC as a full-time employee after the course.

See how we’re fueling small-town economic growth, and bringing work to people.

1000th Tractionite gif

Here we grow!

This year, we not only celebrated 15 years as a company but hired our 1000th Tractionite. We’re now over 1300 Tractionites strong, and dispersed globally with offices in India, The United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia! To celebrate this exciting milestone, we partnered with Tentree to plant 10 trees for every team member, yes the math adds up, that was 10,000 trees planted!

Read about how this growth is enabling us to continue fulfilling our purpose of Change Worlds by making organizations of all sizes and objectives stronger, faster, and better —in whatever way that looks for them.

Pages from Traction on Demand's high tech playbook

Introducing the High Tech Playbook

Digital transformation is essential, but complex. After looking at our 15 years of experience in helping high tech organizations, we put our heads together to provide customers with a one-stop-solution to mastering sales, marketing, IT, and service on Salesforce. As a high tech organization ourselves, we went through the challenges and growing pains, in order to give customers the simple tools needed to deliver an exceptional digital experience, and ultimately drive future growth.

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy of the playbook today and let our high tech experts guide you towards starting your digital transformation.

29 nonprofit logos

Helping nonprofits drive their mission through the use of technology

2021 marked the ninth year of our annual Bandit Tour for Good. We know a lot has changed since our first team of Bandits hit the road from Vancouver to San Francisco in a ‘78 Trans Am trailer en route to Dreamforce. We’re no longer a team confined to only North America, we’ve gone global, and with that so has the Bandit Tour for Good. Once again, our Bandits—a select group of Tractionites from all areas of the company—came together to give what we’re good at: expertise and knowledge in Salesforce consulting services to help 29 nonprofits (the most nonprofits ever recorded) further their mission through the use of technology.

In addition to helping even more nonprofits than ever before—we celebrated another milestone, surpassing three million dollars in service grants given to nonprofits to help them on their digital transformation journey. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to witness the impact technology has on nonprofits and we’re looking forward to continuing “giving what we’re good at” in the year ahead.

The Bandits haven't missed a trick, achieving maximum outcome within a tight timeframe. Experts were pulled in from around the world—we have the attention of people we may not normally have had the privilege to work with.Penny Burns, General Manager, Menslink

Waste no potential podcast images

Waste No Potential: A podcast about the not-so-secret stories behind success

Reflecting back from when Traction on Demand began, we’ve learned a lot over the years—a lot about people, process, and technology. We took what we learned and wrote a book, our brand manifesto, but realized the potential hiding inside those pages deserves a larger audience. Instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we decided to unleash those lessons far and wide.

Waste No Potential, is a podcast for, about, and featuring the people who make up this community of learners, leaders, creators, and cool nerds we call Tractionites. Tune into episodes 1-4 out now, that feature incredible entrepreneurs, authors, and visionaries from Tentree, Hypergiant, and Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise, to name a few.

People sitting around a table laughing in a brewery

From boardrooms to breweries: our take on the future of work

Companies are changing how and where their employees work, so we took this opportunity to ask Tractionites what worked for them and found out that 76% of our team wanted the continued opportunity to work from home, but missed the culture that was fuelled through in-person connections. In order to address the needs of our employees, our communities and our environment, we created a new way for working forward that we like to call, shops.

Learn more about how we're partnering with local businesses to occupy their underutilized space to help support them during their quiet times, while giving our employees a place to collaborate, communicate and make some noise together.

Read about our new business model and hear from some of the shops we've partnered with to learn about this new way of working that’s win-win for everyone.

Traction on Demand's logo moving through a maze

Experience Dreamforce like never before. Here, there, and everywhere.

2021 was not immune to the same effects the pandemic placed on events—and when it came time for Dreamforce (Salesforce’s largest annual tech conference) we saw an opportunity to help our community navigate the event. With a guest list a fraction of the size it had been in previous years, many members in the Salesforce ecosystem were worried they would miss out on the event and all of Salesforce’s announcements.

Enter: Dreamforce Distilled. For the first time ever, we built our own on-demand content hub, where our industry experts “distilled” Dreamforce sessions and announcements into videos and takeaway pieces.

Join us on our journey in 2022

Check out our open roles and what it’s like to work here.