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The journey so far: dispatch from Traction on Demand Jaipur, India

May 14, 2020By

One of the six core values at Traction on Demand (ToD) is to seek adventures and smiles. It’s this value in particular that has helped propel the Jaipur office to exciting growth in both scale and culture. Thousands of kilometres from our North American offices, this drive to seek adventures and smiles has brought together a group of dedicated individuals that Tractionites know as the 10-5 Brigade.

The 10-5 Brigade are named in a nostalgic invocation of October 5th, 2018, the day the team first came together for on-boarding in a Jaipur coffee house. ToD was then venturing out of North America for the first time, a business that felt fresh and young, full of highly credible professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem. We were curious and engaged, excited at the prospect of helping ToD grow its reach and impact. October 5th, 2018 marks the beginning of the adventure our squad embarked on, and since then, the 10-5 Brigade has had plenty to smile about.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

In building a three month hiring plan, Managing Director of ToD Jaipur, Manpreet Singh envisioned a team of high-performing individuals that inspired trust and were fully aligned in values. Paresh Bhatia, Manager of Recruitment in Jaipur, led the process, prioritizing cultural contribution, overall aptitude and previous experience among candidates. Our Jaipur executives also took on an active role in building out the team, finding people that could keep up with the speed of ToD’s growth and evolution while remaining true to their values. By over-communicating and embracing a proactive outlook, our growing team has developed a unique culture that is aligned in values with all other offices. Collaboration and customer success are paramount in the Jaipur office.

October 5th, 2018 marks the beginning of the adventure our squad embarked on, and since then, the 10-5 Brigade has had plenty to smile about.

As we have grown through recruitment drives and established relationships with top universities in Jaipur, we have become a highly sought after employer. In large part this is due to the emphasis our team has placed on providing an exceptional candidate experience. Whether or not we choose to hire the candidate, we feel it is our duty to provide feedback and information that will help them on their career path.

The fully branded Traction on Demand office building in Jaipur’s Special Economic Zone.
Tractionite standing outside of Traction on Demand office in Jaipur, India, giving thumbs up.

The brick and mortar of our new home

The first fifteen Jaipur Tractionites hustled to set up our new office from a conference room in the Marriott. When we moved to our current home — an office building situated in Jaipur’s Special Economic Zone — we needed to tackle a number of logistical challenges to truly make the space our own. It was during this time that, as Senior Director of Delivery Deepali Joshi put it, we were able to “plant the seeds of camaraderie that would allow us to come together like one big family,” through Friday fun activities, prank rituals and sports tournaments.

The early challenges that the team faced revolved around securing vendors for food and water supplies as well as other logistical requirements. But with these challenges came excitement that we were working around some of the biggest companies in Jaipur. Now, our workplace is equipped with a well-stocked pantry, lunch program, sports rooms and even a creche for our kids. We believe a safe space to work is needed for a team to collectively strive for excellence.

Bridging the ocean-wide gap

Our sense of collectivism as part of a broader organizational culture has helped us make some major decisions. For example, we determined that bringing the Jaipur team’s working hours closer to the customer time zone could lead to enhanced project delivery outcomes while increasing employee engagement by enabling them to interact directly with customers. With this goal in mind, the team collaborated to find the right balance, resulting in a split schedule of 2PM-10PM Monday-Wednesday and 9AM-5PM Thursday-Friday.

Whether or not we choose to hire the candidate, we feel it is our duty to provide feedback and information that will help them on their career path.

In a similar fashion, we wanted to enable our team to visit sibling offices in North America to forge strong connections. Immigration and visa issues have been dealt with and the Jaipur team has one fewer barrier between them and other offices. “One of the most commonly cited reasons for joining ToD Jaipur is the sense of trust generated by leadership that they will extend opportunities for personal growth and connection,” says Development Team Lead Suminder Singh.

The future is always bright

In October 2019, members of the ToD executive team visited the Jaipur office to celebrate its one-year anniversary with a three-day retreat. The experience was enlightening, and an audacious vision of growth for Traction India helped us reach a recent milestone when we brought in our 100th employee.

Celebrating the 10-5 Brigade's one-year anniversary in Jaipur.
Traction on Demand executives and team members smiling.

Shortly after, the 10-5 Brigade (as well as the rest of the ToD team) faced our biggest challenge yet, as the spread of COVID-19 required us to transition to fully remote work. Fortunately, we had the right infrastructure in place to adapt to this new normal while maintaining our data security and privacy commitments. Even onboarding has shifted to a virtual model, and the experience received the seal of approval from a recently hired Tractionite. By checking in with employees consistently and tracking sentiment through, the 10-5 Brigade has been able to stay motivated throughout the crisis.

We are now a fully fledged consulting engine, delivering projects across time zones and conducting end-to-end implementations with expertise across verticals and Salesforce products. In spite of all the uncertainty the new year has brought, we are optimistic about what the future has in store. We can’t wait to meet more people who are passionate about expanding our global footprint and challenging norms around culture, engagement and possibilities.

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