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Dreamforce 2019 highlights: Traction on Demand recaps

December 03, 2019By

Dreamforce 2019 was one for the history books! Now that the dust has settled (and post-Dreamforce hangovers are fading) it’s time to look back and reflect on some of our top moments.

From Barack and Benioff to Beck and Fleetwood Mac to one of our proudest moment of all, when Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, during the Nonprofit Keynote said,

“People told us we would hate our contractor at the end of our project but that’s not the case. We loved Traction on Demand and still do”

We walk away from Dreamforce 2019 with our heads held high! After another wildly successful and enjoyable few days, forming tons of new connections and rekindling a few age-old friendships, we’ve returned to our Northern homes feeling more motivated, energized and inspired than ever before.

With our largest representation of Tractionites yet descending on San Francisco, we knew Dreamforce 2019 would be one to remember – let’s take a look:

On top of manning our booths, running between keynotes and having a bunch of incredible conversations with like-minded tech movers and shakers, we were also busy with a few fun initiatives of our own. Here are some of our top moments from the mouths of Tractionites:

Making noise at Dreamforce

Last year we stood out. This year we were sought out.Jeremy Horan, Developer

Did you notice our patched-up Levi jackets? Well, they weren’t just for looks. Apart from being a big nod to Salesforce’s Trailhead accomplishments, they created an unmistakable presence, provided icebreaker moments, showcased our story and generally made us look like a team you’d want to be a part of. Every patch was lovingly hand attached, each one chosen to represent aspects of our culture and expertise that resonated most with the Tractionite wearing it. Did you notice that one sleeve was left empty? We know we’ll always have more to learn, so we left space on each jacket as a symbolic representation that learning is always a work in progress.

“After Matthew Finlay’s awesome presentation for Admins, a woman from a prospect account approached me because of our wonderful jackets and told me about some of the challenges they were facing as an organization. Based on our conversation, I uncovered a project that they’re currently evaluating. All thanks to the jackets!” – Amanda Perkins, Project Manager

We have a place for that

“For the first time, we have rented out a diner for the entire week next to our traditional whiskey bar hangout, Swig. It has allowed us to have engaging customer meetings over food from 7am to late night and was also decked out in Traction on Demand branding including wait staff in Bandit gear. Very cool to walk through 10 tables with customers at each one.” - Mike Epner, President

After being submerged in the Dreamforce universe all day who wouldn’t want to kick back with a whiskey and a wholesome ‘Canadiana’ diner feed? We know the most productive meetings often involve a relaxed atmosphere, full belly and maybe a sneaky tipple or two; which is why we opened ToD-themed pop-ups, Café Zed and Swig Whiskey Bar, for learning, networking and building valuable relationships.

We do good

“Last night was probably my best Dreamforce experience ever (in 13 years)! ToD hosted a really special event bringing the Greasy Spoon series to San Francisco. It was an amazing three-course dinner curated by Vancouver celebrity chef, Mark Brand. We had a packed room of execs from many businesses and there weren’t many dry eyes by the end of the evening. ToD also donated $25,000 to a local San Francisco organization supporting the homeless.

Each attendee also received a pair of socks to give away. In addition to providing the most-requested item to a homeless person, it also makes them be “seen”. Late last night I gave away my pair and the response, eye contact and gratefulness of the man I talked to was beyond description. Thank you Traction on Demand.” – Mike Epner, President

Following on from our seventh annual Bandit Tour (read all about it here) we continued the spirit of giving by hosting Food for Good. This unforgettable evening featured local cuisine and artists with celebrated chef, Mark Brand, who created a tailored food experience alongside touching personal anecdotes around his own story of homelessness. Along with our partners and Friends of Traction, the event raised $25,000 for A Better Life Foundation and San Francisco’s Hospitality House, while shining a spotlight on North America’s food insecurity crisis.

Making a lasting impression

History Museum just logged their sentiment saying, ‘Meeting the broader Traction on Demand team last week was the highlight of my whole Dreamforce experience’. Grateful for this group where we view everyone's customer as our own customer.” - Amy Sherwood, Nonprofit Business Development Manager

We were quietly delighted that everywhere we turned at Dreamforce 2019 people seemed to only have good things to say about Traction on Demand. Each night Tractionites gathered at Swig and Café Zed, proudly sharing their top ToD shoutouts of the day. One particular favourite was when Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, quite literally stopped in her tracks during her keynote appearance to say, “People told us we would hate our contractor at the end of our project but that’s not the case. We loved Traction on Demand and still do”.

“What a week. Our direction and strategy has been validated. The ecosystem has let us know that we are doing good, doing well and doing all the right things. The way we engage our partners, Friends of Traction and fellow Tractionites and how we build community is why I am so proud of this team, and why Traction on Demand will be the place that I retire from. #proud.” – Chris Peacock, Chief Marketing Officer

And finally, to wrap it up nicely in the words of Greg Malpass, CEO of Traction on Demand:

“Every year just keeps getting better. We came from a place where no one really knew who Traction on Demand was and now [with our patched-up Levi's jackets] it’s like 3000 pieces of flare and we’re the most recognized brand at this conference. What’s been really amazing is people know what we stand for. The culture of our business is becoming so well known in this ecosystem and the desire to work with our people is outside of extraordinary.”

We’ve mentioned just a few of our highlights from Dreamforce 2019, and trust us when we say there’s a lot more where they’ve come from!

Eager to learn more?

Book some time with our team to chat about anything you learned at the conference and how we can work together in 2020.

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