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Traction Guest’s new experience editor will change the way you look at visitor management applications

January 26, 2016

The purpose of this blog post is to reveal the most pervasive and strongest underlying principle in the development of Traction Guest – the idea of You’re Here, Now What? Read on to learn more.

You’re here. Visitor management applications.

In 2015, Traction made it's first foray outside of the Salesforce ecosystem to develop an application called Traction Guest. It was born out of the growing need for a technology solution to support creating better interactions between companies and their external stakeholders.

Traction wasn’t the first to build an app to solve the issue; in fact, there is a small but budding category of products called visitor management applications. These applications tackle the front lobby sign-in experience and provide businesses with an efficient and secure way to check in visitors (and recycle the logbook in the process).

So we developed Traction Guest, an application that efficiently connected guests with hosts and securely managed their sign-in experience through an easy-to-use web application, including photos, NDA signature and host notifications. It supported the You’re Here part.

We released it in early 2015 and quickly onboarded a few marquee customers like e-signature giant DocuSign. We also began a beta program with some of our top consulting customers. As this is a relatively new category of applications, we needed feedback to drive further development.

We found that one thing that visitor management applications did poorly was customize the sign-in experience based on who the guest was and their purpose for visiting. They allow you to ask whatever questions you need, but they don’t provide the ability to customize the experience based on visitor type or use case. This means that short of having 10 iPads littered around the lobby, my mom, my job candidate, my customer and my delivery guy all have to sign the same documents, take pictures and prove they are all wearing their hard hat. This missing piece is a HUGE oversight that seriously affects the validity of any visitor management application on the market. But this past week, we released the biggest and most transformational update in Traction Guest’s, albeit short, history.

The Experience Editor. You’re Here, Now What? Introducing the Experience Editor

The Experience Editor allows you to customize the entire visitor experience based on guest type and use case. Through a drag and drop interface, users can easily modify the architecture of an experience to ensure they provide a custom guest journey based on who the guest is, where they are and why they’re there.

For example, our office is regularly visited by customers, job candidates, board members, delivery personnel, family and more. Using the Traction Guest Experience Editor allows me to collect a full contact card worth of data, a headshot and NDA signature for a candidate or prospective customer. That same app can shorten the check-in process for delivery personnel, simply notifying an employee of a package that has arrived. It also lets my mom enter the office without having to take a picture or sign an NDA (which she appreciates).

But what’s really cool about the Experience Editor is that it enables Traction Guest to be used in more use cases and situations than just in your front lobby. With a customizable app architecture and limitless experience possibilities, Traction Guest can be used in retail stores for personal shopping appointments, used by field services for recording check-ins outside the office and at events for signing in registrants and attendees. Really, the possibilities are endless.

If we can make 2 recommendations, this would be them:

  1. Invest in a platform, not an application. Platform doesn’t mean greater complexity, it means greater flexibility. Traction Guest is a platform.
  2. Test drive Traction Guest and check out the Experience Editor. I guarantee that after 15 minutes of playing around, you’ll find half a dozen use cases for it throughout your organization.

So here’s our sales pitch – I guarantee you, you will not find the same functionality in any visitor management application on the market today, especially for the price. This platform will revolutionize the way you interact with your external stakeholders. And let’s not forget about a very exciting platform roadmap over the next two years. But that’s for next release.

We’ve transformed a visitor management application into a Guest Experience Platform and one that provides a solution for You’re Here, Now What?

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Traction Guest is on a mission to make on-site experiences for employees and visitors safe, secure and effortless.

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