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Traction Guest and Traction Complete are “ready to rocket”

March 14, 2019

This has been an exciting week at Traction on Demand! For the first time ever, two of our product companies have been recognized for their potential to take off and disrupt the BC tech industry at the same time. Recently, Traction Guest and Traction Complete were named to the Ready to Rocket list. This is a unique business recognition that profiles tech companies best positioned for acceleration. Both products were recognized in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector category, which profiles companies with an established base of customers, growing partnerships, and 50% to 100% growth potential in revenue and headcount in the coming year.

“When we first presented the idea of a services company launching product companies, there was some well-placed skepticism,” explains Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction on Demand. “When other consulting companies try this, it pivots the business strategy, usually resulting in a failed product. And if they are successful, they don't tend to be successful more than once.” Our incubation model mitigates one of the primary obstacles for new tech startups (i.e. the cost associated with the additional services required to run a company such as marketing, finance, and human resources). To reduce risk, we provided these product companies with access to Traction on Demand's infrastructure and tertiary departments, allowing employee creativity to blossom into independent companies. “Traction Complete is the second company we've brought to market leveraging our incubation and shared services models. Traction Guest was the first,” continues Greg. “Each company we launch holds a new set of learnings and we are beginning to grow more confident in the fact that we can continue to conceive, build, incubate, scale, and launch product companies.”

Just because it wasn't possible, doesn't mean it isn't possibleGreg Malpass, Founder and CEO Traction on Demand

To learn more about how Traction Guest and Traction Complete are going to continue on their current trajectory, check out their announcements here and here (respectively).

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