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TimeToValue Conference 2020: everything you need to know

October 28, 2020

Here’s everything you need to know about Traction on Demand’s TimeToValue Conference 2020

Get ready for TimeToValue, a free virtual conference on November 17 - 18

The buzz is building, registrations are flowing and the speaker announcements just keep getting bigger and better, but you might be wondering, what is the TimeToValue Conference?

If you’re new to Traction on Demand and what we do, you may not know about the TimeToValue Conference, but for our community—of customers, partners, Friends of Traction and Tractionites—it’s pinned to be the highlight of the year. So, here’s your guide to what our TimeToValue Conference is and why you might want to attend.

What is the TimeToValue Conference?

Traction on Demand’s TimeToValue Conference is our largest event of the year, and our largest ever virtual event! This two-day conference will uncover how organizations can reach their business goals faster—by investing in what matters most when it comes to your people, process and technology.

Over two (virtual) days, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded industry leaders, network with forward-thinking attendees, and be inspired by innovative speakers who are transforming businesses by redefining how value exists far beyond the bottom line.

Time to Value learning:

With 65 sessions and 80+ speakers across two days (and one epic evening), TimeToValue Conference is shaping up to be one of the largest Salesforce learning opportunities of the year. You'll hear from Salesforce leaders, platform experts and industry peers to learn how they’re using technology to drive greater time-to-value in 2020 and beyond.

Time to Value community:

While the TimeToValue Conference does examine how speed helps organizations achieve a faster return on their Salesforce technology investments, it also helps us gain a greater perspective on how investing in people, community and impact can grow your business and accelerate your time-to-value—creating more time for things you truly value.

Time to Value amazing:

It’s no secret that connecting has been hard in 2020. Let’s make connections that last, having loads of fun along the way! From entertainment to breakout sessions, networking events and our Here For Good event, TimeToValue Conference is set to be a virtual conference, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Register now: here

Who goes to the TimeToValue Conference?

Lots of people! Last year, at TractionForce (the in-person version of TimeToValue Conference) we hosted over 1000 registered attendees from all over the world, across every industry, and line of business. Whether you’re a grassroots nonprofit or a Fortune 500, there’s going to be something for everyone.

TractionForce 2019

When is the TimeToValue Conference?

The two-day virtual conference is being held November 17 and 18.

  • Keynotes and Innovation Sessions: November 17, 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM PST / 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST
  • Here For Good evening event: November 17, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM PST / 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM EST
  • Industry, Cloud and Product Sessions: November 18, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST / 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

Where is the TimeToValue Conference held?

Everywhere and anywhere! The TimeToValue Conference is a virtual event, hosted on our Traction Gather platform. I know what you’re thinking: two days of zoom calls? No thanks! We know virtual meeting fatigue is real (especially eight months into remote work), which is why we designed Traction Gather and the TimeToValue Conference to be a unique interactive engagement hub; not a series of conference calls.

Once registered for the event, you’ll receive login information to access the exclusive TimeToValue Community. Inside the hub, you’ll find session links, helpful articles, case studies, breakout sessions, live entertainment and much more.

Not able to make it to the live event? No worries, simply register for the conference, and you’ll be granted access to the hub where you’ll be able to view all the resources and recordings from the event to watch at your leisure.

What happens at the TimeToValue Conference?

DAY ONE: Keynotes and Innovation

Experience thought-provoking speakers who’ll dig deep into the importance of technology; and how a Salesforce-led digital transformation can propel businesses forward – for good.

Invest in Potential

In the face of this unpredictable, fast-paced reality, investing in potential–and harnessing that potential for all it's worth–is vital in helping organizations grow; fast, strong and well.

Speakers: Greg Malpass, Geoffrey Moore

Time to Value Impact

The notion of sustainability is much more than just an environmental play. Learn how successful businesses are building sustainable economic, community and wellness initiatives to guide their organizations, and their people, towards their happy place.

Speakers: Michelle Malpass and Special Guest Speaker

Time to Value Innovation

Investing in innovation needs to be at the forefront of any business model—and at the forefront of any successful digital transformation. Learn how agility enables you to positively impact the bottom line and more importantly, the world.

Speakers: Chris Bruzzi

Time to Value Change

Join industry leaders and innovators, as they engage in an honest conversation around the contribution and impact digital realignment is having on business, people, and our communities.

Speakers: Lori Williams, Deepa Subramaniam

Time to Value Growth

Successfully transforming from one career to the next requires more than a simple leap of faith. Learn how a shift in perspective, dedication, perseverance and resilience will go a long way into achieving success for anyone choosing to blaze a new trail.

Speaker: Special Guest Speaker announced soon!

Time to Value People

Make time to rub virtual shoulders with the Traction on Demand community – learn about Traction’s culture, the people who work there, get the inside scoop on what makes Traction so badass, and find out first-hand how many community members it takes fill a Zoom room.

Here for Good [Evening Event]

Join us for our engaging 2020 Bandit Tour for Good wrap-up. Our guest speaker, Afdhel Aziz, will share his views on how unleashing the power of purpose can be a force for good. You’ll also learn more about the school Traction on Demand is supporting in Jaipur – and how your attendance can truly help make a difference (we'll be donating $10 for everyone who attends). Plus, hear from additional guests, and other uplifting surprises. Come celebrate all things good.

Speakers: Greg Malpass, Michelle Malpass, Afdhel Aziz

Register for Day One here.

DAY TWO: Salesforce Cloud and product sessions

Our Salesforce platform experts will lead smaller, more focused groups - tackling specific topics driven by either cloud solutions or industries. Pick the track that best meets your needs.

Nonprofit sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • The Year of the Pivot and What it Means for Philanthropy
  • Breaking Through the Noise: Marketing for Fundraising and Virtual Events in 2021
  • Mastering Analytics for Impact Management
  • The Road to Constituent Centricity: Fundraising, Engagement & Mission
  • Executive Reflections: The Digital Imperative
  • Best Experience Anywhere is Expected Experience Everywhere: Nonprofit Edition
  • Administrators and Product Owners Unite!
Higher education sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • Redefining Institutions for the New Normal
  • Leading Enterprise Transformation
  • What is Salesforce’s Role in Enabling Innovation and Change in Education?
  • Driving Change: Your Path to a People-First Digital Transformation
  • Redefining Online Events: Campus Experience Goes Virtual
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot Features You Don’t Know About (and Should!)
  • Tackling Equity, Diversity & Inclusion when Implementing Education Technology
Financial Services sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • Deepening Client Engagement: How to Respond to Changing Client Needs
  • An Introduction to AI/ML/RPA: Streamlining Your Business
  • Confronting the Biggest Barrier to Digital Transformation in Banking: People
  • Your Customers Know What They Want—Are you Listening?
  • How to Quantify Value: Tracking Key Metrics Over Time
  • Insurance: Dynamic Customer-Centric Engagement with Marketing Automation
  • How Tableau helps identify buying and redemption signals in Wealth Management
Manufacturing sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • How Manufacturers Can Drive Value Beyond CRM
  • Driving Account Performance through Manufacturing Cloud
  • Asset 360 for Manufacturing
  • Maximizing Partner Value Through PRM
  • ERP vs. CRM
  • Marketing Automation for Manufacturing
  • CPQ 101: Manufacturing Edition
Healthcare & Life Sciences sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • 2021: The Year of True Digital Transformation in Public Health
  • Path to a Bettr Future: Patient and Care Manager Sentiment Tracking
  • How to Successfully Integrate an Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Health Cloud for Public Sector Health
  • Learning from Success: Health Cloud Project Journey
  • HIPAA Compliance and Partner Selection
High Tech sessions: 8AM-11:40AM (PST)
  • Organizational Change Management for High Tech: Building a Center of Excellence
  • 7 Steps to Operationalize your Go-to-Market
  • The Power of Marketing Automation in High Tech
  • How to Accelerate Your Technical Debt Remediation
  • Enabling Your High Tech Organization to Scale with Salesforce
Cloud and Product sessions: 11:55AM-1:40PM
  • CPQ: Avoid Tech Debt & Channel Growth
  • Evolution of the Marketing Cloud: Value Across the Platform
  • Driving Value at all Levels of the Field Service Maturity Curve
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Partner Channel Operations in Salesforce
  • UX/U(WHY)I? : The What, How and Why for Designing the Optimal User Experience
  • Why API Led? Key Indicators Leading into an API Framework Approach
  • Customer Service in the Era of Digital Experience
  • Sustainability Cloud: Salesforce and the Age of Sustainability

Register for Day Two here.

Your agenda, your way

Once registered for the event, you'll receive access to the TimeToValue Community. Here, you'll be able to start building your own unique agenda – one that’s most relevant to your unique interests.

Register here to receive your log in and start building your agenda.

Time To Register?

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Experience a great line-up of original thought leaders who’ll share their unique approaches about how the maximization of time is helping grow their organizations

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