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Marketing's tech transformation

May 14, 2019

Thinking Out Cloud: Episode Eight

How is technology affecting marketing and what should organizations do to take advantage of the current tech transformation? To answer these questions, we went straight to the source. Vidhya Srinivasan is a marketing speaker who lives in the cloud. She is also the VP Marketing, Cognitive Service Management and Cloud BU at BMC Software.

Marketing is changing before our eyes

Throughout her work in the marketing and technology space, Vidhya heard whispers of change on the horizon, set to disrupt the industry. Today, she sees that change actually happening. Digital transformation is here in full swing, as companies and marketing move simultaneously onto the cloud and put technology at the center of their operations.

According to Vidhya, marketers need to “look at technology as something we use as an input to make our job better.”

How to deploy new marketing tech

For marketing technology solutions to work effectively, content and marketing strategies must align. Before jumping ahead and deploying a marketing tech solution, an organization must work with stakeholders to determine a strategic long-term vision. Once this overarching vision is established, companies should start small, testing new technologies in one area before deploying across an entire organization.

Where AI can help

Start deploying AI in areas with low hanging fruit, such as social analytics. Vidhya recommends thinking of “certain areas where the tools and algorithms are much more mature and go after those.” Identify areas of large inaccuracies and inefficiencies and tackle those next.

AI can personalize, create paid social campaigns and help drive your demand offers. It can also automate lead scoring and prioritize marketing approaches. Automation and AI are continuously improving, providing more efficient ways of doing business.

Marketing’s hardest customer: executive management

To prove marketing ROI to executive management, organizations need objective measures for their company-wide goals. If marketing updates the company on its progress and successes, it's an easy sell when it comes time to ask for increased investment in the marketing budget. Earning support from executive management begins with helping them understand the value that marketing provides.

This blog post is based on a Thinking Out Cloud podcast featuring Vidhya.

Want to learn more?

See how Vidhya’s company delivers cognitive service management that is fast, accurate, cost-effective, and is available to run on your choice of cloud, in a hybrid model, or in your own data center!

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