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The road to a bettr me

November 26, 2020By

How enabled me to take charge of my career development journey

For most of my thirty years as a member of the workforce, I lacked a full understanding of the factors that influenced my mental well being. It’s only over the past seven years at Traction on Demand (ToD) that I have begun to recognize which aspects of work drive my mental wellness.

Fundamentally, allows me to record and track my sentiment on my daily work. Conceptually, think of as a Digital Journal for the workplace. It capitalizes on the benefits of connection and validation which drives social interaction, combined with the values of traditional journaling, bringing inspiration and introspection to the forefront. helps provide a sense of purpose and wellness, all using my own sentiment, supplemented with insights driven by machine learning.Manu Varma

I spent the majority of my career in the Human Resources (HR) space — mostly because it was what I was most familiar with, and thought I was good at. Seven years ago, I joined ToD, assuming all the while, that my path would never stray far from HR. A couple of years later, ToD internally created a real-time sentiment tracking tool, called that would fundamentally change my self-perception and lead me down a new and exciting path.

Ikigai through sentiment tracking

Ikigai, or ‘reason for being’ in Japanese, is a concept that refers to a sense of purpose or direction in life. What I have learned since using, was that customer contact was lacking in my work life. I identified that what I loved about work was building new relationships, strengthening old relationships, storytelling, matching people with technology solutions and helping others use business as a force for good. Logging real-time sentiment helped me discover my ‘why’, my ikigai-: I love to help.

Once I understood this, I was able to use to recognize that when it comes to my work, I seek an intersection between four key desires:

  1. Do what I love
  2. Do what the company (and the world) needs
  3. Do what I can be paid for
  4. Do what I am good at

Work-life harmony; wellness

By capturing real-time sentiment every day, my journey of self-realization and actualization has heightened my emotional awareness in all lenses of wellness; occupational, social, mental, intellectual and of course, physical.

When work got too hectic, as happens in high growth companies like Traction on Demand, I had to be deliberate and carve out time for building community. conditioned me to ensure I made time for volunteering. I have a passion for helping new Canadians obtain meaningful work, and helped ensure that I made time for volunteering.

Helping me help you

My world has come full circle— is helping me help other people and organizations. enables individuals to identify what brings them joy at work. It provides real-time, snackable coaching content pushed to individuals on the platform, based on their sentiment. The content has behavioural science, psychology at its root. Customers can also push out their curated company-specific content on platform. Individuals can reflect and absorb the content, while also examining trends in personal dashboards, and take advantage of the tool’s insights and recommendations. also helps managers be proactive in identifying who on their team is at risk- personally and professionally. True, has helped increase retention, improve CSAT and become an artifact of Traction culture. More importantly, it is a tool that tries to make each day holistically bettr than the last, both at home and at work.

Regardless of industry or size, can help enable and empower your employees' wellness. It also brings predictive insights towards business decisions. Whether you are in the Non-Profit world, Higher Ed, Health Life Sciences, Technology, Retail, or a purely sales-driven organization, can help drive your company culture forward.

Let me help you make tomorrow even bettr.

Start the conversation with a demonstration.

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