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Take your Health Cloud to new heights with the Salesforce Winter '22 release

August 30, 2021By
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It's that time of the year again! Salesforce Winter '22 release is just around the corner with all the significant enhancements and features to upgrade your organization's digital experience. This year's winter release is particularly juicy in Heath Cloud. Since the launch of Salesforce Health Cloud, I’ve had many conversations around new upcoming features with our clients and how to customize some. Now, I can't wait to call them and introduce some incredible enhancements to take their use of Health Cloud to new heights. Here are my favourite top 3 new Health Cloud features:

1) Intelligent and seamless Medication Management

Natively integrated with RxNorm, this new Medication Management feature brings in normalized drug information directly from the U.S. National Library of Medicine to enhance patient care quality, boost the efficiency of your clinicians' day to day medication-related tasks, and dramatically reduce healthcare costs and human errors.

This new feature comes with the Patient Medication Manager Lightning Component and the Built-In Add Medication Flow.

The Patient Medication Manager Lightning Component will empower your team in the following ways.

  • Provide a comprehensive view of all the medications a patient takes in a list;
  • Enable clinicians to spot conflicting prescriptions easily;
  • Gather medication-related information stored across multiple objects in one space;
  • Make medication-related updates more easily without jumping among records;

The Built-In Add Medication Flow in the Lightning Component provides a seamless experience for clinicians to add medications for patients in the following ways.

  • Add medications for patients from one single page without navigating multiple objects;
  • Integrate with RxNorm to gather normalized drug information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine within the flow;
  • Avoid medication-related errors by eliminating manual input process.

2) Appointments from anywhere

women making appointment from phone

Yes, you read this correctly. With the new Intelligent Appointment Management feature, Patients and caregivers can now book and manage appointments for acute or chronic ailments from their mobile device or desktop.

This new release feature will boost your portal user's experience and increase the efficiency of patient care. Internally, by taking down the workload for scheduling appointments for acute or chronic ailments, your Call Center Agents (CCA) and Care Coordinators can focus on making specialized appointments that require clinical knowledge, such as appointments for surgeries. By doing this, your organization can truly achieve a new level of efficiency internally and externally.

3) More robust Provider Management

To connect your patients to the right care team, efficiently managing provider networks and growing strong relationships are critical for modern-day patient care. Intending to deliver personalized and collaborative provider management at scale, Salesforce has released a few highly demanded features to expand your capabilities in managing Provider Network.

Two new Objects and a Lightning component have been developed and added to the platform to help you register network participation and associate contracts with them. Now you can add the Network Participations component to the business account record page or the person account record page to integrate providers, provider practice locations, payer networks, and contracts.

We're not done yet with the Providers. Thanks to the Intelligent Appointment Management and enhanced Provider Network Data Structure, your business technology team can now utilize the new setup assistant to get going with Provider Search faster. Not only are the facilities and practitioners' related information searchable, but documents can also be searched directly from the interface.

Utilizing these new releases can truly achieve 360-degree visibility into your provider network and perform a more robust and efficient Provider Process.

Even more to explore with Salesforce Health Cloud

Above are just a few of the top picks in the Winter '22 release. There are so many more great new features for Health Cloud users to utilize and bring their patient care to a new height, including:

  • Integrated Patient Benefits verification process in end-to-end patient access flow;
  • Tools to help with the transition from the individual data model to the person account model;
  • Newly added Objects in Provider Network Management and Benefit Verification

Get to the next level with Health Cloud’s advanced features

If you're curious about getting started with those great advanced Salesforce Health Cloud features, get in touch with our Healthcare & Life Sciences team here at Traction on Demand. Led by Dr. Thotathil, a medical professional and experienced digital health consultant, Traction on Demand has an innovative, passionate team dedicated to Health Cloud with deep expertise in Salesforce and the healthcare industry. Big or small, we'll take our 13+ years of multi-cloud experience on the Salesforce platform, with 7,500+ projects completed, and bring innovative solutions and perspectives to your unique project so you can better serve your healthcare community.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to enhance your current Health Cloud system, we have a team to help.

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