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Salesforce training for newcomers: Traction Access and Fast Track to CRM

April 27, 2021By

For folks who lost their jobs at the beginning of the global pandemic, now may be a good time to upskill in technology. According to the Vancouver Tech Journal, the Canadian government recently pledged $250 million over three years to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada “for an initiative to scale-up proven industry-led, third-party delivered approaches to upskill and redeploy workers to meet the needs of growing industries.”

With Salesforce expecting to create 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024, no one can deny the tech sector is growing.

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Traction on Demand and partner MOSAIC, one of the largest settlement nonprofit organizations in Canada, recently wrapped up Fast Track to CRM (F2CRM), a comprehensive upskilling program for newcomers to this country. F2CM has two main parts: employability skills training by MOSAIC, followed by Salesforce training by the Traction on Demand team who volunteer their time. After completing the Traction Access part of the program, participants test their new skills with a participating tech organization during a month-long work experience.

Where our latest F2CRM participants are from:

Nicaragua, Turkey, Iran India, Vietnam, Egypt China, Brazil

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Mekki Herizi, who was also once a newcomer to Canada, is the community engagement manager at Traction on Demand. He is also the Traction Access Coordinator. In this role he got to see the participants' determination in learning new skills and supporting one another during the last cohort. “All the participants were eager and engaged. Everyone completed their Business Administration Specialist Superbadge, and two of them received their Salesforce Administrator certification a couple weeks later. Everyone else is scheduled to take the exam!” he says.

100% of participants in our spring cohort completed their Business Administration Specialist Superbadge by the end of Traction Access.

Watch: Traction Access participant testimonials

It’s important to see proof that a certain employment program is successful, and that comes in the form of a full-time job. Traction on Demand is the proud employer of several F2CRM graduates, including Dee Rawat who took part in the program at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Read about how he went from delivering pizzas as a newcomer to Canada, to delivering innovative Salesforce solutions as a solution engineer.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Going forward, I’m sure future attendees of F2CRM will definitely gain something worthwhile in the program.FT2CRM participant
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F2CRM is looking for participants for the next program, which will run from June 28-August 30. Are you an unemployed newcomer to Canada or Indigenous person looking to learn new skills for a career in tech? Application period: May 17-June 18, 2021.